The Manchester of Bohemia

When travellers think of the Czech Republic, minds almost always turn to Prague. Without a doubt, the historic capital is magnificent, but visitors who stick solely to the well-known tourist sights are at risk of missing out on the delightful undiscovered gems of the rest of the country.

One of the best and most impressive of these is Liberec. The fifth largest city in the Czech Republic, this beautiful town was once the heart of the Bohemian textile industry, with a thriving cotton trade, leading to its nickname the Manchester of Bohemia’.

Now, Liberec’s stunning mountainous surroundings make it an incredible destination for winter sports, climbing and hiking its extraordinary landscapes and jaw-dropping views. The town itself is no less impressive, filled with gorgeous 16th century architecture, as well as some fascinating cultural attractions like its excellent zoo and intriguing iQLANDIA science centre.

The atmosphere in Liberec is laid-back and relaxed, with a selection of charming cafes, a very impressive dining scene and a surprisingly vibrant nightlife for a city of this size. When you also consider the festivals and events that run throughout the year, it’s safe to say this city offers an under-explored alternative for adventurous visitors to the Czech Republic — and one that shouldn’t be missed.

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