What is the Travel Top 6 site ?
The Travel Top 6™ site is owned by Choice Hotels Europe and Choice Hotels Canada and designed to provide useful inspiration and recommendations for your leisure and business trips throughout Europe. 

How do you determine the travel destinations on the site ?
The site covers selected travel destinations where Choice Hotels Europe and Choice Hotels Canada have hotels. The destinations are a combination of cities and regions. Major cities like London, Munich and Paris have several destinations to provide more local tips close to the hotels.

What information can I find for a travel destination ?
For each travel destination, we offer top 6 lists of recommendations covering attractions, cafés, restaurants, nightlife, shopping and events. Furthermore, we publish Travel Guides” on an ongoing basis. These are articles that cover a specific destination in depth.

How do you decide the recommendations for the top 6 lists ?
The recommendations are curated by travel experts, who share their inside information on the best local places, that you don’t always find on other travel sites. 

Why are there six recommendations in all the lists ?
We want to make it easy for you to find all the best places, when you research a travel destination. With six options per category you can quickly get an overview of what a destination has to offer and choose what you want to see and do when you go there.

How can I book a hotel when I have decided on a travel destination ?
This is easy. Choose a destination and go to the booking widget. Type in the dates for your visit and number of rooms needed. Then press Check availability” and you will get a list of available Choice Hotels in the destination.