The Magic of the Floating City

It’s fair to say that Venice’s reputation precedes it. Even if you’ve never been to the Floating City, the mention of its name probably conjures up a hundred colourful images. Stripe-shirted gondoliers singing while rowing down a canal, loved-up couples strolling hand in hand over the city’s countless bridges, waterside bars serving orange spritzes, marble churches, grand, ornate buildings, historic masked balls and the home of the Bellini, La Serenissima is iconic. While some overhyped cities don’t live up to expectations, the magic of Venice goes above and beyond. 

The narrow pedestrian streets and lack of motor vehicles help preserve the ancient charm that other European cities have lost to modernity. Made up of over 100 small islands, connected by bridges spanning small canals, Venice is best explored by vaporettos that ferry visitors around the city, or on foot through the city’s winding alleyways.

Food is a big part of Venetian life. Wine is also plentiful and high quality, and best enjoyed with cicchetti — Italy’s answer to tapas. There’s no better afternoon activity than a drink or two in the sun, watching over the canal.

If you’re heading to Venice, prepare yourself for a trip packed with delicious food, incredible architecture, world-class culture, and unforgettable views. 

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