Authentic Czech Culture on the Elbe River

Nestled in the lush valley where the rivers Elbe and Bílina meet, Usti nad Labem is framed by some of the loveliest scenery in the Czech Republic. The surrounding Bohemian Highlands lend a romantic and rustic charm to this industrial city, further accentuated by the stunning Střekov Castle overlooking the river. Housing an excellent museum showcasing its 700-hundred year history, the castle is not surprisingly one of the must-see attractions in Usti. 

Usti also offers several wonderful nature experiences. The truly adventurous might try their hand at rock climbing or hiking in the nearby national park, České Švýcarsko, while the family-friendly Usti Zoo is highly recommended for a more laid-back outing. Spend the rest of your visit sampling regional wines and the hearty, local cuisine.

Things to do in Ústí nad Labem

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