Is there anything that beats a refreshing cocktail in the summer while on holiday in your favourite European city? An imaginative amalgamation of alcohol, liqueurs, fruit, juices and more, everyone has a go-to tipple that just screams summer. Cocktail-making has evolved incredibly over the years, offering twists on classics, a theatrical surprise and even the sans-alcohol mocktail variety with alcohol-free spirits so everyone can join in on the magic. So, tell your tastebuds to pack their suitcases and let each sip of these delicious drinks send you to a rooftop bar with incredible city views and the summer sunshine beating down on your skin. Bottoms up! 

Kir Royale – Paris, France 

As classic as it gets! Often served as an aperitif, the Kir Royale is simple and sophisticated, named after Félix Kir, a mayor from Burgundy who would serve the drink at soirées post-World War II. A chilled champagne flute is filled with a tablespoon of crème de cassis, a vibrant blackcurrant liqueur, followed by six ounces of cold dry champagne and garnished with fresh berries for added flair. As this is a French cocktail, champagne is imperative but if an alternative sparkling wine is used such as prosecco, then the drink is simply renamed Kir. Oh, and if you prefer Chambord instead of crème de cassis, it would become a Kir Impérial. Delicious!

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Swimming Pool – Munich, Germany 

Close your eyes and think of paradise as you sip on this fruity drink with German origins dating back to the 1970s. Invented by Munich-based mixologist Karl Georg Schumann, the Swimming Pool is a fun twist on a Pina Colada but with a turquoise blue colour to create the pool-like effect. Ingredients include vodka, rum, coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, pineapple juice, blue curaçao, and fresh pineapple and a maraschino cherry for garnish. Sweet, tropical, fruity and creamy – it’s everything you want in a cocktail and more. 

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Passionfruit Martini – London, UK

If Londoners know how to do one thing, it’s enjoy a good drink when the sun comes out because good weather is so rare! The tangy, sweet passionfruit martini is a variation of the passionfruit caprioska which has roots in Brazil, but the martini version gained popularity in London in the early 2000s and is now made by mixologists all over the world. Vodka is shaken with fresh lime juice, passionfruit puree and some simple syrup before being strained into a martini glass and garnished with half of a passionfruit. For a little extra sweetness, swap out regular vodka for the vanilla variety. In London, you’ll likely be served your cocktail with a shot of prosecco on the side – the running debate in the UK capital is to pour it in your martini or drink it down in one… you decide!

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Wiener Spritz – Vienna, Austria 

Austria dons the crown when it comes to the most refreshing and cooling cocktails out there – the spritz. Light, sparkling and a little zesty, the spritz takes on many variations but almost always includes a sparkling wine or soda for the fizz, a light-coloured spirit such as white wine, gin or vodka, and a little twist whether that be fresh fruit, herbs or a liqueur. The Italians have taken a leaf out of Austria’s book with the creation of the popular Aperol Spritz, but when in Vienna, you’ll see everyone everywhere drinking a Wiener Spritz. Similar ingredients to the Italian version, the Wiener Spritz includes dry white wine, Aperol, and sparkling water, all added to a shaker with ice before being strained into a chilled glass and garnished with a fresh orange slice. Indulge in this sublime beverage after a day of sightseeing in the capital for an unbeatable summer experience. 

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French 75 – Paris, France 

French by name and French by nature, this gin-based cocktail dates back to World War I, created in 1915 by Harry MacElhone at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. It’s often referred to in France as the Soixante Quinze (Seventy Five) and it is so aptly named because the combination was said to have such a kick that it felt like being shelled by the powerful French 75-milimetre field gun. The drink is served straight up, chilled without ice in a classic champagne flute, comprising gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar. 

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Jägerbomb – Germany 

Contrary to popular belief, a Jägerbomb is a cocktail and not a shot! Originating in Germany alongside the main ingredient, Jageermeister, the cocktail was originally made by dropping a shot of the liquor in a pint of beer, causing it to fizz immediately and create a bomb’-like effect. The drink has since evolved with the beer being replaced with an energy drink, most commonly Red Bull. The unique-tasting drink is enjoyed all over the world but drinking in moderation is encouraged as the effects of the caffeine in the Red Bull combined with alcohol can be dangerous in excess. 

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