The Czech Republic’s Finest Hidden Gem

While Olomouc boasts some of the best attractions in the Czech Republic, the town is still unknown to most foreigners. This means you’ll be able to walk the cobbled streets of the historic city centre at your leisure, taking in the spectacular architecture the city has accrued over hundreds of years. From the impressive UNESCO-recognized Holy Trinity Column at the main square to the remarkable Palacký University dating back to 1573, Olomouc is packed with an impressive number of top sights considering its size.

Keen on sampling the local cuisine? Olomouc is well-known for its production of top-shelf beers and cheese, the latter of which is considered among the smelliest (but most delicious) in the Czech Republic. The town is also home to a vibrant nightlife and café scene courtesy of its large student population, ensuring that you’ll never go hungry — or thirsty — when visiting.

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