A Grand Wilderness Made for Exploring

While Vancouver Island is only a short ferry ride from the urban sprawl of Vancouver, this massive island offers an entirely different experience. Here, you can venture into some of the most pristine nature on the planet: whether you’re interested in hiking, kayaking or driving cross-country, this bounty of natural wonders is more than ripe for exploration. Famous for its abundance of diverse wildlife, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better spot to go whale-watching or, accompanied by experienced guides, catch a glimpse of bears in their natural habitat.

In short: Vancouver Island is one of the world’s premier playgrounds for both outdoorsy and urban visitors of all ages and for good reason! You’ll be able to spot everything from killer whales and porpoises to bald eagles and black bears in the many awe-inspiring national parks that line the island, while also enjoying the comforts of city life on the Pacific shores.

Things to do in Vancouver Island

A Treasure Trove of Hearty Cuisine

With such an excellent array of organic ingredients readily available to the chefs of VA Island, it is no wonder that the island has spawned so many ridiculously delicious wineries, breweries and restaurants over the years. Quite a few of our favourites can be found between Victoria and Parksville and include, among others, the magical Pilgrimme restaurant, aptly hidden away on a secluded island off the coast. Here you’ll find locally sourced dishes of the highest quality, ensuring pilgrimage to the restaurant will be well worth your while.

As for breweries, a trip up the coast to The Forbidden Brewing Company in Courtenay is sure to be a treat for your taste buds. This local, cult establishment offers unique flavours, award-winning ales and Friday night jazz gigs – a winning combination if there ever was one.

Artisan Shops Aplenty

Once you have had your fill of the many fun things to do on Vancouver Island, you might want to pick up a few handcrafted wares from the artisan boutiques scattered across the island. In Parksville, you will have your pick of shopping among cheerful goats at the Old Country Market or browse the fine glass trinkets at Robert Held Art Glass. Victoria also offers plenty of niche shopping experiences: from delectable chocolates to rare books and fancy hats, Victoria has it all.

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