A City of Unparalleled Sights

The remarkable falls spanning Canadian and US territory have become one of the most popular destinations in Canada over the years – and with good reason! The legendary status of this natural wonder is matched only by the sheer majesty of the three falls themselves: Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. With the largest waterfall, Horseshoe Falls, towering a full 167 feet over the raging waters beneath and measuring 2700 feet across, you’ll no doubt be taken completely aback by the sheer scale of it all. While there are plenty of ways to take in the sights, a guided boat trip to the foot of the falls is without a doubt the best way to experience this North American marvel.

Beyond the falls themselves, the town of Niagara Falls is home to attractions aplenty. From wonderous Ferris wheel rides and haunted houses to mouth-watering local cuisine and a plethora of historical sights, Niagara Falls offers fun for visitors of all ages. Once you’ve had your fill of the falls and the daredevil history surrounding them, you shouldn’t cheat yourself out of a visit to the magical butterfly conservatory, which holds over 2,000 colourfully iridescent critters. Nor should you miss the 25 lovely wineries that sit within a 20-minute drive from town, just waiting to be explored. 

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