Hans Wolter is the President of Adventure Drives in Ontario, Canada. He is what some would describe as an adrenaline junkie.’ From flying planes to racing sailboats, he is constantly working on updates to his bucket list adventures. Wolter strives to bring his passion for thrilling experiences to others and that is where the story of Adventure Drives begins. Located in Milton, participants hop into cars as a pair or a group of up to five people and partake in a scavenger hunt on four wheels. In your allotted two-hour timeframe, collect clues and complete challenges at countryside stops along the way to solve mysteries related to ghosts, aliens, vampires, and even Sasquatch. If you are looking for one of the best COVID safe activities with friends, Adventure Drives is an ideal choice for an exhilarating day or night out.

Encounter Ghosts — Scavenger-Hunt Style

When looking for ghost tours in Ontario, few are more elaborate than the one found at Adventure Drives. Participants will arrive after sundown and partake in a two-hour countryside drive. In Milton, the adventure begins at Campbellville and progresses along five stops, each with a challenge to complete. If successful, the journey ends at Milton Town Hall, where participants can release the ghost.’ In Burlington, the adventure begins and ends at Dundurn Castle, with the end goal being to capture the ghost. 

Along the way, collect clues using a smartphone app to track down evidence of ghosts in the area. This is no gimmick. Whether you are visiting Milton or Burlington, this ghost tour is based on a true story.

Alien Adventure Drives

Collect Evidence on the Presence of Aliens

Do you ever catch yourself wondering about the existence of Aliens? Perhaps you think you may have spotted a UFO and need further confirmation. In any case, the Aliens in Ontario’ experience at Adventure Drives might renew your interest and belief in these intergalactic beings. Take this two-hour adventure around Halton County in the day or at night. Collect evidence on the presence of Aliens in Ontario and disrupt their plans for a complete takeover!

This experience is not a race, but best approached slowly, collecting as much evidence as possible.

Track Down Sasquatch on a Country Drive

Bigfoot, also commonly referred to as Sasquatch in Canadian and American folklore, is a large ape-like creature thought to inhabit forests across North America. Like Aliens, many people have recounted sightings and evidence of its presence. When looking for things to do in Milton, the Hunt for the Sasquatch’ experience at Adventure Drives is an intriguing option. This interactive experience takes participants along a two-hour drive across an escarpment in Halton County. Along the way, look for evidence that Sasquatch may be inhabiting certain spaces. While completing challenges, you will demonstrate your call for help if you find yourself stuck with Sasquatch in the forest. You will also get to show off your top self-defense move just in case you encounter this beastly creature one on one. Get ready to take photos, dance, and even sing. This car scavenger hunt also rewards participants with additional points for creativity — so feel free to dress up.

Complete all of the challenges to earn your certificate in Sasquatchology!

Are you interested in taking part in one of these Adventure Drives? Check out the official website. Want to spend some more time? Turn your day trip into a weekend adventure by visiting some of these other nearby attractions.

Always follow Canada and local health authority COVID-19 guidelines for travelling or visiting attractions. Learn more about current restrictions and travelling within Canada.

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