Over lockdown, the meaning of isolation was defined as something completely different. But why not reclaim the meaning of isolation by embarking on a spring solo trip like no other? Focus on your wellbeing by taking some time out to spend with yourself, explore new locations and make memories that are solely exclusive to you. Never travelled solo before? No problem! All you need is a stellar itinerary, a little confidence and yourself. Thanks to us, your stellar itinerary is already covered. From Paris and Prague to Bratislava and Berlin, keep on reading to discover how to make the most out of a spring trip to European cities that are perfectly suited to solo adventures. 


Paris may be the City of Love but we’re renaming it to the City of Solos! While the French capital is known for its romantic atmosphere, having a love affair with the city itself is where the real adoration begins. Take advantage of being alone to get your fix of the touristy locations – the less people in your party, the less time you’ll spend waiting in queues to climb the Eiffel Tower or sneak a glimpse at the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. But exploring off the beaten track is where you’ll experience Paris in its purest form. Visit lesser-known museums to avoid the crowds and visit Paris’ 19th-century mysterious passageways such as Galerie Vero-Dodat and Passage Jouffroy, perfect for picking up one-of-a-kind knick-knacks to remember your solo trip by. Don’t forget to immerse yourself fully in café culture too; set up camp at Cafe de Flore or Les Deux Margot, two of the most historic cafés in the city, and treat yourself to a chocolat chaud and a croissant – or a glass of champagne if you’re feeling fancy. Bring along a novel while you indulge or simply watch the world go by… there’s no better place to people-watch than Paris!

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The Czech Republic capital is a city that you can travel solo to but it’s almost impossible to feel alone. As one of the safest metropolises in Europe, it sees thousands of visitors all-year-round so you’re bound to make friends on your travels here. Day and night, the city centre is always buzzing and bustling with crowds and the charming cobbled streets are easy to navigate so getting lost will be more difficult than it is to stay on track. Plus, the easiest way to get around Prague is on foot so you’ll minimise the risk of getting confused on buses or trams. Spring is the sweet spot for visiting Prague, avoiding the summer rush and taking advantage of cheaper hotel rates. Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle are must-visits along with the Old Town Square, the best location to admire the medieval architecture and whimsical atmosphere while enjoying a famous Czech pilsner at a local café.

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One of the best things about Berlin? The food scene, of course! A melting pot of eclectic cultures and cuisines from around the world, you’ll be spoilt for choice on your solo adventure – but those who aren’t seasoned solo travellers might feel awkward dining out alone. Berlin is definitely the place to ease your eating anxieties. The German capital is one of the most laidback cities in Europe so dining out tends to be a casual affair and trust us, restaurant staff are no strangers to hearing requests for tables for one. The focus is on the culinary experience so you’re guaranteed to see other solo diners while you eat, and the food is often so good that you don’t have to worry about anyone watching you or feeling uncomfortable – your tastebuds will take over! Berlin has plenty to do as well as plenty to eat, a fascinating history that is present on every corner of the city so don’t forget to visit the remnants of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin TV Tower, and the Memorial of the Murdered Jews in Europe.

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The theme of safe cities continues with Bratislava, a small gem in central Europe that often gets overlooked by nearby Vienna and other cities on the Danube. The city centre provides an upscale village feel which also evokes a community atmosphere, assisted by the friendly locals who are always on hand to help you out should you need directions (unlikely as Bratislava is simple to navigate). Expect to feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your time here, as the city isn’t overrun with tourists or masses of people clamoring to view the popular monuments. Enjoy a walk through the Old Town before taking the weight off in the Presidential Gardens, admire the views from Bratislava Castle and even treat yourself to dinner and cocktails at the famous UFO Tower. For more inspiration on how to spend your time in this Slovakian city, check this out: 72 Hours in Bratislava: How To Spend a Long Weekend In The Slovakian Capital.

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Newcastle upon Tyne

An underrated gem in the UK, Newcastle upon Tyne is a city that will have you blown away by its fascinating architecture, colourful culture and interesting history. An electric atmosphere is present in the city centre, crammed with endless food options that are certain to make your mouth water, as well as concert halls and world-class art galleries, perfect for a culture fix. But don’t forget, Newcastle upon Tyne offers the best of both worlds. Step away from the city and follow the flow of the River Tyne to be alone with your thoughts as you get fully immersed in the Newcastle countryside, a haven of lush green hills, cosy country pubs and neck-craning castles. 

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While it’s widely regarded as Germany’s financial hub, don’t be fooled into thinking Frankfurt isn’t worth exploring on a solo trip. The city welcomes those looking for a little fun and adventure, from the Städel Museum to the Kleinmarkthalle. Explore Frankfurt Old Town which isn’t just your average district, this part of the city was entirely reconstructed after WWII to replicate buildings of the Medieval times. There’s no need to wander around in a group; for independent globetrotters, it’s a treat to walk through the DomRömer Quarter now known as the​‘new’ old town. Along the way, stop by some of the shops and museums for history lessons and memento of the area before it was destroyed and remade.

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