A Paradise Untamed

Located a two-hour flight west of Lisbon, the Azores rise from the Atlantic Ocean to form nine gorgeous islands teeming with endemic flowers and wildlife. Created by volcanic activity aeons ago, the Azores are defined by stunning craters, turquoise island lakes, naturally-occurring hot springs and mythical mountain ranges. Not surprisingly, these diverse landscapes make for the perfect active holiday. From biking and canyoning to scuba diving, paragliding and horseback riding, there’s no shortage of brilliant ways to immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings.

The islands are blessed with a particularly mild climate, which has allowed the Azoreans to cultivate a delicacy otherwise only found outside of Europe: tea. The tea plantations make for a fascinating outing, where you’ll not only learn about the production of this iconic beverage but also sample the only European cuppa of its kind. Cap off your day by retreating to one of the fabled hot springs and soaking your weary bones under lush canopies.

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