A Must-Visit City of Remarkable Beauty

Imagine a city punctuated by volcanic cones and remarkable vistas, surrounded by gorgeous beaches and picturesque islands. One set on a beautiful strip of land barely keeping the Tasman Sea and the Pacific apart. That’s Auckland in a nutshell.

Not surprisingly, Auckland’s main draw is the remarkable natural beauty in and around the city. Visitors can wander through Cornwall Park, climb the Sky Tower for the perfect view of the city and its surrounds, or take a day trip to the unspoilt beauty of Waiheke Island.

There is, however, much more to Auckland than nature. Café culture is essential to Aucklanders, and cafés like Wise Cicada, Foudou and Goodness Gracious are havens for coffee lovers. After dark, there’s a wealth of wonderful places to go, whether you want to unwind and relax at the Glass Goose, or party the night away with the in’ crowd at Cassette. The dining culture in Auckland is varied and fascinating, and above all, rooted in locally sourced ingredients from the surrounding fields and waters. From a six-seater chef’s table experience at Pasture to the casual, down-to-earth eatery style of Little Jimmy, Auckland’s food scene has a little something for everyone.

Auckland is often mistaken for New Zealand’s capital, and it’s not hard to understand why. A lively, exciting and beautiful city, it’s a definite must-visit.

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