An Under-visited Jewel

The geographical and cultural heartland of Germany, surprisingly, Thuringia is an under visited German jewel that will transport visitors back in time. 

The wonderful region is the archetype of the German concept of Früher, a time in the past when life moved more slowly and things were less complicated. It’s also the state of Martin Luther, Johan Sebastian Bach, Friedrich Schiller and Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, meaning Thuringia has constantly punched above its weight when it comes to cultural influence. 

Thuringia’s small size makes it possible to fully explore with relative ease, with nowhere more than a couple of hours drive away. With historically significant towns and cities, remote Medieval villages, glorious winding roads through secluded valleys, and vertiginous mountains covered in deep, dark forests, this is a beautiful place to visit — a must-see for tourists who like to take the road less travelled!

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