A Cultural Melting Pot

Put simply, Hamburg is one of the coolest cities in the world. A bustling, dynamic and progressive port city that not only has an extraordinarily rich musical history but also an edgy, alternative vibe set into its foundations, Hamburg is one of the most exciting and energetic places to visit in Germany.

Having been a centre for international trade and a meeting point for diverse cultural influences for centuries, the city is a cultural melting pot. This is best expressed in Hamburg’s rich multicultural culinary scene. The maritime influences on the city are also everywhere to be found, from the cutting edge architecture of the Elbphilharmonie to the infamous but intriguing Reeperbahn.

As the home of superstars of classical music like Brahms and Mendelssohn, to nurturing the early career of The Beatles, Hamburg celebrates its musical heritage. The city remains a prominent location for world-class live performances, and its cultural calendar is crammed with excellent festivals and live events.

From unbeatable nightlife and culinary delights to music and architecture, Hamburg really has it all, and offers a rich and rewarding experience for the adventurous traveller.

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