Europe’s Capital of Cool

Urban, gritty and green, Berlin is a uniquely versatile city. From boulevards to back alleys, every corner of this sprawling metropolis is tinged with German history and culture, rewarding the truly adventurous with an endless array of world-class eateries, cheeky subcultures and one-of-a-kind nightlife venues hiding in plain sight.

For students of history, Berlin constitutes an exceptional treasure trove of museums covering the city’s tumultuous past, from its role in the Second World War to the Cold War and beyond. Perhaps it’s precisely these historical extremities that have bred the unique kind of urbanites found in Berlin: resilient, resourceful and experts in enjoying the finer parts of life. Indeed, the Berliners have made sure there are plenty of thrilling things to do in their city. Whether you’re looking to sample reinvented local cuisine, let loose at techno-heavy dance clubs or lounge in one of Berlin’s many green spaces with a cup of third wave coffee, Berlin has it all in spades.

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