A Picture-Perfect Slice of French Idyll

Nicknamed the Green City” for its lush parks and tree-lined streets, Metz is the perfect, laid-back destination for anyone in search of a cultured holiday in calm surroundings. This enchanting town is known in particular for its wealth of historical sights, culinary specialities and thrilling legends. Indeed, Metz is home to such architectural marvels as the cathedral holding the largest stained-glass windows in the world, an impressive medieval bridge castle and the spectacular art gallery Centre Pompidou-Metz.

Beyond its ancient charms, visitors from all over the world are drawn to Metz by the town’s famously hearty kitchen. Regional specialities include the comforting quiche Lorraine, suckling pig, top-tier charcuterie and warming plumb-based brandy. After a well-deserved feast, you’ll be pleased to find Metz surrounded by a picture-perfect French countryside inviting you to burn off those extra calories by way of a romantic, laid-back stroll.

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