Canadian Wine Country at Its Finest

Make sure to bring your camera when you’re exploring this picture-perfect corner of Quebec. Breathtaking forests, dramatic mountains and enchanting vineyards are everywhere you go in Southern Quebec, from Drummondville to Sherbrooke and beyond. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find this serene pocket of land only a few hours’ drive from the bustle of urban hubs like Quebec City and Montreal, making this a perfect destination for travellers who want the best of both worlds. Better yet, the region’s climate is ideal for outdoor activities of all kinds. Warm summers will see you paddling down sky-blue rivers like the Magog that cuts right through Sherbrooke, while snowy winters transform mountains into pristine ski slopes.

The Quebecers who’ve settled here south of the Saint Lawrence River are a friendly and down-to-earth bunch, and they have spent decades perfecting every aspect of the good life. Their towns will put a smile on your face with their welcoming, countryside charm, colourful murals and terrific dining scenes. Their wines are homegrown delicacies (remember to sample the sweet ice wine), and their local produce is spectacularly flavourful: from regional cheeses to cuts of wild boar and helpings of freshly picked black currants, the local cuisine packs a punch like few other. Make sure to time your visit with one of the many festivals in the area (like the Festival de Poutine in Drummondville!) for an authentic taste of everything this unforgettable region has to offer.

Things to do in Southern Quebec

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