An Unforgettable Lakeside Road Trip

From Oshawa to Kingston, Southeastern Ontario is ripe with unparalleled experiences that should figure highly on any Canadian bucket list. Dotted along the shore of sparkling Lake Ontario are treetop zip line parks, captivating (and sometimes haunted) historical sites, family-friendly zoos and so much more. The sites alone make this one of the best short road trip routes in Canada, and the regional culinary scene only adds to that. Waiting in almost every town is a local diner serving down-home Canadian comfort food (poutine, anybody?) or a chic vegetarian eatery catering to even the most selective foodies.

Starting in the former automotive capital of Canada, Oshawa, there are plenty of informative museums on the city’s past that any self-proclaimed car-enthusiast should check out before heading back on the road. Be sure you take the time to visit stunning Parkwood Estate, which you might recognize from films like X‑Men. Next stop: Peterborough. A perfect ambassador for the endearing delights of small-town Canada, down-to-earth Peterborough invites visitors to take a stroll through its stellar zoo, marvel at aboriginal rock carvings or paddle through the serene waterways surrounding the town.

Finally, swing by the haunted Glanmore mansion in Belleville before continuing onward to Kingston. A fitting final stop on your road trip along Lake Ontario, Kingston is a buzzing city characterized by a flourishing artistic community, a modern dining scene and several unforgettable historic sites.

Things to do in Southeastern Ontario

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