The Capital of Canada’s Sunkissed Prairies

Regal and self-made, the Saskatchewan capital embodies the Canadian spirit like few other cities. Regina is home to an equally industrious and welcoming lot, who are rightly proud of having conjured up this urban oasis out of nothing. Take a stroll through downtown to discover tree-lined streets, lush Victoria Park and sparkling Wascana Lake – all of which have been created by the Reginans themselves. It’s incredible to think that every tree and every flower has been hand-planted by the city’s residents (even Wascana Lake is man-made!).

Regina is not only a capital named after royalty (Queen Victoria to be exact), but one fit for a queen too. History buffs and budding art critics will want to spend the day at one of the city’s stellar galleries or immersive natural history museums, while food lovers will be excited to discover a diverse dining scene offering everything from excellent comfort foods to vegetarian Thai soups and French pastries. Likewise, Canada’s sunniest capital puts on a great number of must-visit festivals throughout the year.

While you’re nearby, don’t miss out on a visit to Moose Jaw. There’s a wealth of attractions and culture for you to explore in this charming town just an hour west of Regina. Go underground in the fascinating network of tunnels that lie beneath the city or spend your day relaxing by Moose Jaw River. You’ll find it impossible not to fall in love with Moose Jaw’s rustic appeal and abundance of activities, restaurants and authentic shops.

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