A Tiny Province of Grand Vistas and Historic Landmarks

Considering Prince Edward Island is the smallest Canadian province, it’s remarkable just how many wondrous sights, top-notch restaurants and exciting events you’ll find here. The region is aptly nicknamed the Garden of the Gulf” for its breathtaking natural beauty, which consists of pastoral scenes, dramatic coasts, and lush, rolling hills that cover the island from end to end. The island’s vast natural wealth is also reflected in its fabulous cuisine, as the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence provide PEI with some of the best mussels and lobster anywhere in the world, while the island’s farmlands produce superb fruits and vegetables. The result is genuinely local dishes that pack a flavourful punch whether served in rustic bistros or on white tablecloths at upscale restaurants.

There’s plenty of history to uncover on Prince Edward Island, too. The island’s capital, Charlottetown, played a pivotal role in the establishment of Canada so you’ll be able to tour a ton of celebrated, national landmarks when visiting. Come any time of year — the weather on PEI is milder than on its inland neighbours, with hot summers perfect for watersports and crisp winters that blanket the picturesque countryside with snow. 

Things to do in Prince Edward Island

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