Discover a Grand Tapestry of Whitewater Thrills and Pioneer Spirit

The Ottawa Valley is well-known for its diverse offerings: From authentic Canadian culture to exciting outdoor activities and a picture-perfect countryside, the valley has it all. The region also has an unusually rich history as a former trade route for First Nations persons, European loggers and travelling fur traders alike. Uncover the valley’s fascinating past with a visit to sights like the Champlain Trail Museum & Pioneer Village or the Gillies Grove and House. As for slightly more recent contributions to Canadian culture, the Ottawa Valley is also widely recognized as the birthplace of modern, Canadian hockey, making the area a must-visit destination for any hockey fan worth his or her salt. 

Outdoorsmen will recognize the Ottawa Valley as the unofficial Whitewater Capital of Canada. A multitude of pristine waterways offers rafting of all kinds, allowing for scenic drifts down the Ottawa river or daredevil rides through rougher waters. Don’t forget to try a local beaver tail or two after your exploits either – these delicious treats hail from the Ottawa Valley and taste better here than anywhere else.

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