The Original Home of Grand Adventures

Northeastern Ontario is majestic as can be. From North Bay and Sudbury to Sturgeon Falls and Timmins, the region begs you to grab your camera and go on unforgettable adventures, both big and small. Rent a canoe and paddle the shimmering waterways that crisscross the landscape or lace up your hiking boots and traverse breathtaking forests – the choice is yours! Northeastern Ontario’s climate has four distinct seasons, each one more mesmerizing than the next. Spring is perfect for biking, boating or hiking, while summer offers some of the best fishing anywhere. Autumn transforms the forests into a striking, golden spectacle before winter brings out the big guns: the Northern Lights.

The residents of Northeastern Ontario are equally diverse and made up of both anglophones, Franco-Ontarians and First Nations people. All are known for their hospitality and laid back outlook on life, which you’ll notice in full when visiting the Northeastern Ontario’s urban communities. The many exceptional museums found throughout the cities will introduce you to Northeastern Ontario’s history in captivating fashion, while the region’s top-notch restaurants are bound to impress with world-class meals made from local ingredients. A visit to Northeastern Ontario always makes for an unforgettable experience shaped by brilliant vistas, excellent cuisine and welcoming locals.

Things to do in Northeastern Ontario

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