Stunning Vistas and Good Living

New Brunswick is undoubtedly one of Canada’s most breathtaking provinces. Take a drive through the lush countryside, and you’ll pass salmon-filled rivers, stunning mountain ranges and verdant pine forests home to both black bears and moose. Likewise, the coast offers tons of scenic vistas you shouldn’t miss. Grab your camera for a picture-perfect shot of lighthouses overlooking the Atlantic Ocean or head over to the Bay of Fundy to experience the world’s highest tide. This natural wonder sees water levels rise and fall by more than 14 metres each day, exposing the supremely beautiful Hopewell Rocks in the process. You will, of course, also have your pick of some of the best outdoor activities anywhere in the world when vacationing in New Brunswick. Terrific hiking, kayaking, fishing and more await you no matter what part of the province you’re visiting.

Once you’ve finished touring the wild, you’ll be pleased to find that New Brunswick’s cities are full of memorable sights, top-notch restaurants and sleek cocktail bars. From the provincial capital of Fredericton to Saint John, Bathurst, Edmundston and beyond, there is no shortage of exhilarating experiences to be had in New Brunswick’s urban spaces. Want to tour galleries full of captivating, local art or dine at innovative bistros? New Brunswick has got you covered. Whatever you get up to, don’t miss out on the many, yearly events held through the province if you want to experience the famous joie de vivre” unique to the welcoming New Brunswickers.

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