A Bitesize Capital Home to World-Class Wonders

Halifax is usually the first stop for visitors on their tour of glorious Nova Scotia and rightly so. This provincial capital punches way above its weight and even surpasses many of its continental sister cities as far as culture, dining and shopping go. In fact, Halifax offers all the trappings of Toronto or Vancouver but condensed into a smaller, much cozier package. As for sights, the city is home to several world-class museums, excellent parks and exciting historical sights which showcase the port city’s eventful past. Citadel Hill is the obvious place to start for a vivid tour of Halifax’s history, but visits to serene fishing villages on the bay like Fisherman’s Cove provide an even better glimpse into everyday life through the ages.

As fascinating as Halifax’s history might be, it’s the city’s modern-day comforts that draw in most visitors. Boutique fashion, independent craftsmanship and quirky homeware are abundant on the shopping streets of Halifax, and will undoubtedly scratch your itch to find the perfect souvenir. Not to be outdone by neighbouring east-coast provinces, Halifax is also a paradise for food lovers. The city is bursting with restaurants serving up some of the best and freshest seafood dishes you’ll ever sample, while the café scene is comprised of establishments ranging from Buddhist surfer hang-outs to picturesque locales excelling in pastry perfection. An electric nightlife scene, full of trendy dance-floors and artisan cocktail bars round out some of Halifax’s appeal and make it one of the most vibrant cities in the country.

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