A Hub of World-Class Outdoor Activities and Irresistible Cuisine

Just a few hours’ drive north of Montreal, you’ll find majestic national parks, stunning mountain ranges and charming towns. This area of central Quebec is gorgeous all year. In fall, the forests explode with warm colours, while snowy winters beg playful visitors to take up skiing, sledding or skating on Mont-Tremblant and elsewhere. Meanwhile, spring and summer are mild and gentle, perfect for a family canoe trip on any of the region’s many pristine, tree-lined waterways, or a hike along one of the many walking trails.

There’s plenty of culinary heritage to discover here, too. Towns from Saint-Jérôme to Mont-Laurier and Trois-Rivières boast a strong European connection to the delight of foodies in search of excellent meals. Top-notch breweries (or brasseries en Français) and bistros all over the region compete to create the most delicious French-Canadian dishes out there. The café culture is also rich, with attentive baristas working hard in places like Trois-Rivières’ Café Frida to serve up the best cups of coffee in central Quebec.

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