Calgary: A Modern Frontier

Famously known for its extravagant and thrilling rodeo shows at the famous annual Calgary Stampede, Calgary is a wonderful mix of frontier tradition and bustling modernity. This financial and technological centre towers high above the prairie lands of Alberta and offers a ton of unique attractions, fantastic restaurants, splendid shopping and eclectic cafés. Among the city’s leading sights are the expansive Calgary Zoo and the iconic Calgary Tower, from which you can take in all of the breathtaking vistas that Calgary has to offer.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. This award-winning museum is dedicated to the country’s very best athletes and record breakers and is very much worth a visit for sports fans. And while there are enough things to do in Calgary to keep you occupied for a lifetime, a true Calgary experience would not be complete without a taste of the city’s culinary scene and marvellous events.

World-Class Food and Canadian Hospitality

The best restaurants in Calgary are hard to pigeonhole: From excellent Korean eateries and farm-to-table bistros to authentic truckstop diners and superior fine dining, the Calgary dining scene is as diverse as the city itself. The same goes for the city’s cafés which offer extraordinary coffees and more, like rainbow lattes and a range of homemade ice cream that will bring out the child in just about anyone.

However, the red thread that runs through it all is, perhaps not surprisingly, the trademark Canadian hospitality that seems especially present in Calgary. Still, to get a true feel for the Calgarian way of life, you will have to brave one of the city’s much-lauded events.

Bring on the Stampede

The star of Calgary’s recurring events is, of course, the Calgary Stampede, touted as “the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”. Beyond the titular Stampede, the Calgary Stampede Grounds play host to a variety of thrilling events all year including auto shows, rodeos and everything in between. Yet, there are plenty more events that will keep you coming back to Calgary, such as the Calgary Folk Music Festival or the Parkland Summerfest, which might be your best chance to rub shoulder with the locals and make a new friend or two.

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