A Cosmopolitan City at the Edge of the World

Beyond holding the title as Australia’s sunniest state capital, Perth is one of those rare cities which manage to bridge the gap between apparent opposites. It’s distinctly urban, yet closely situated to both sandy beaches and quality vineyards. It’s one of the most isolated urban centres on the planet, yet very cosmopolitan in its outlook. As such, the world is your oyster when spending the day in Perth.

Planning a full day in Perth? Make time for some of the extraordinary outdoor attractions like the verdant John Forrest National Park or Swan Valley, home to more than 40 world-class wineries less than half an hours’ drive from the city. After an active day out and about, head back to the city to refuel in one of Perth’s many hip coffee shops. Don’t fill up on pastries though. Perth boasts a superb dining and nightlife scene, which you’ll be remiss if you don’t explore in full. For dinner, head to Gazette to indulge in excellent Roman cuisine with a modern twist before capping off your night with delicious drinks at Helvetica.

However you wish to spend your time in this laid-back city on the edge of the world, you’re sure to fall in love with the Perth way of life.

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