An oasis on the Murray River

In an otherwise dry and arid part of Victoria, Mildura is a glorious green oasis, on the banks of the beautiful Murray River. Its verdant greenery and abundant produce have made this an attractive spot for centuries, and these days the combination of art-deco heritage style with delightful outdoor pursuits make it a wonderful destination for tourists.

The Murray River is a huge part of Milduran life, and a huge draw for visitors, with canoeing, swimming, fishing and paddle steamer trips often the highlight of a trip. Mildura is also right in the heart of the Murray Darling wine region, with vineyards like Chateau Mildura offering amazing experiences for wine lovers.

It’s not all outdoor pursuits and wine though. Mildura has a vibrant and exciting cultural scene, with fantastic art galleries like Barkindji Wiimpatya Murra Art Gallery and the Mildura Arts Centre, and events like the Writer’s Festival, the Eisteddfod and the Summer Music Festival. Mildura can really lay claim to being one of the artistic hubs of the region.

When it comes to food and drink, Mildura is in a league of its own in provincial Victoria, with some of the best cafes and restaurants in the region. Spots like Nash Lane and Coffee Town will satisfy coffee purists, while eateries such as Botanica and Brass Monkey are usually rare finds in a town this size.

A beautiful town with loads to do, with the glorious Murray River lazing slowly past. What more could you ask for in a holiday destination?

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