Cool as They Come

Few Australian destinations have been the object of as much international praise as Melbourne. In fact, Victoria’s capital is regularly lauded for its high quality of life, happening food scene and hip neighbourhoods. All of the praise is, of course, well-deserved. Melbourne is a city which marches to the beat of its own drum and in doing so has set a new bar for what constitutes a trendy metropolis. Here, you will find no shortage of exquisitely modern restaurants, cutting-edge cafés or markets trading in locally made arts and crafts.

On the other hand, Melbourne also cherishes its rich heritage. Melburnians are practically obsessed with sports and have been for decades – a fact you’ll be able to see for yourself if you visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground (or MBC) on gameday. The MBC also holds the delightful National Sports Museum dedicated to legends in cricket, rugby and any other sport dear to the nation. For historical insight into the fabric of Melbourne, visit the Shrine of Remembrance, which features moving exhibitions on Australia’s involvement in armed conflicts throughout the world.

At the end of the day, Melbourne is equal parts new and old, modern and timeless, but above all, Melbourne is entirely its own.

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