A Vibrant, New-World Gem

Queensland is a region of remarkable contrasts, and Brisbane is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown, showcasing some of the best and most diverse elements of the state. It is a lively and vibrant city, with a wealth of art and culture, and a progressive and forward-looking attitude. It has, however, managed to hold on to a laid-back, youthful attitude that makes it one of the friendliest and most welcoming cities in Australia.

Brisbane is one of the oldest cities in Australia, and has been populated by the indigenous Jagera people for thousands of years. Nowadays it is famous for its arts and culture scene. Art lovers can lose themselves in the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art, or just take a stroll through Brisbane’s fantastic Botanic Gardens.

The presence of Moreton Bay lapping at Brisbane’s eastern fringe has a huge influence on the city’s flourishing restaurant scene, with gems like The Lighthouse serving up a variety of wonderful, creative seafood experiences. Brisbane really gets going after dark, with speakeasy-style cocktail bars like The Blackbird, a roaring live music scene typified by the Triffid, and great craft beers brewed right in the heart of the city at Felons Brewing Co.

Brisbane is one of Australia’s most exciting yet laid-back cities, and a must for any Australian itinerary.

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