An 1850s gold rush town with a fascinating Chinese history

Bendigo is one of Victoria’s must-see towns; a large, vibrant city with a wonderful drinking and dining scene, bohemian arts and culture spaces, and fascinating history of gold and subsequent Chinese influence. 

Bendigo’s Goldfields history has a huge influence on its architecture, its atmosphere and its culture. The gold rush wealth enabled an architectural boom, and the splendid buildings of the 1850s and 1860s still give the town an air of grandeur and historic prosperity. The gold rush also left a legacy of Chinese immigration, which contributes to Bendigo’s vibrant and fascinating cultural scene, with Chinese museums and Tibetan Buddhist temples jostling with some of the best art galleries, theatres and museums in Victoria.

Bendigo’s dynamic eateries and cool bars make eating and drinking here a worthwhile experience. Restaurants like Mason’s and Rocks On Rosalind combine an artistic flair for cooking with grand architectural settings, cafes like Finders Keepers and Hoo-Gah offer great places to relax with a coffee or grab a light bite, and eclectic, exciting bars like Handle Bar keep the vibe going after dark.

Bendigo is also a superb choice for lovers of the outdoors, and is perfectly located to explore the goldfields (and indulge in a spot of prospecting!), or take in the excellent local wineries.

Whatever you are looking for, this glorious, sun-drenched city has something to offer, and will be a highlight for any traveller to Victoria.

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