A Capital Full of Hidden Gems

The South Australian capital has long functioned as a gateway to some of the world’s best wine country. Indeed, the highly acclaimed Barossa Valley sits within an hour’s drive of Adelaide, making a visit to any of its more than 30 top-notch wineries perfect for a day trip. However, Adelaide has much more to offer besides great wine. From lounging on the white beaches of Glenelg to discovering the history of South Australia and its Aboriginal heritage, there is no shortage of things to do in Adelaide. Beyond its many attractions, the city’s extraordinary events and festival schedule also ensures you won’t have a dull moment in Adelaide. You’ll find stellar arts and culture festivals dotted throughout the year, the crowning jewel of which is the massively impressive Adelaide Fringe Festival.

While Adelaide is often characterised as more laid-back than bustling Sydney and Melbourne, the city’s creative scene is thriving now more than ever. Know where to go, and you’ll find a multitude of sleek, modern restaurants, hip fast food joints, fancy coffee shops and niche bars. Just take the Bibliotheca Bar which combines great spirits with a passion for books, or the home-grown Burger Theory which serves eco-minded burgers with a blend of beef and kangaroo. In Adelaide, these unique experiences hide in plain sight all around the city.

In short, Adelaide offers plenty of renowned attractions while also boasting tons of hidden gems just off the beaten path.

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