February 24th is World Bartender Day 2022, and what better way to celebrate than by indulging in some of the greatest Canadian cocktails ever made? From traditional alcoholic beverages to Canadian twists to classic cocktails, here are the top six classic Canadian cocktails to celebrate World Bartender Day 2022.

Classic Canadian Cocktails: Moose Milk

A favoured libation of the Canadian Armed Forces, the origins of this decadent dessert cocktail are disputed by the navy, air force and army who all claim to have invented it. What isn’t disputed is that the secret to this sweet treat is the right mix of rum, coffee liqueur, and a whole lot of ice cream, maple syrup, nutmeg and cinnamon for the perfect dirty milkshake. Whether you’re pulling into port or just want to indulge your sweet tooth, no one is safe when the moose is on the loose. 

Full recipe at All​Recipes​.com

Classic Canadian Cocktails: Caribou 

A classic treat of the annual Quebec Winter Carnival, Caribou is a distinctly French-Canadian take on mulled wine, featuring a delectable mix of red wine, rye whiskey and maple syrup for a sweet aftertaste. Said to originate from an old fur-trapper recipe consisting of whiskey and caribou blood, Caribou can either be served hot with spices or cold in a chilled ice glass, as is tradition at Quebec Festivals. While local Caribou recipes are a closely guarded family secret in Quebec, the rest of us can order a pre-mixed bottle of the good stuff from the SAQ

Full recipe at Eat​North​.com

Classic Canadian Cocktails: The B‑52

Though sharing a name with the massive Allied bombers that filled the skies during World War 2, The B‑52 was actually named for the classic New Wave band that it’s creator Peter Fich so adored. A visionary mixologist based in Banff, AB in the 70s, Fich named all his mixes in honour of his musical passions, but none blew up in popularity as much as this favoured after dinner shot. Comprised of coffee liqueur, orange liqueur, and a spring of Irish Cream, the perfectly blended B52 separates into three even layers like the perfect late summer sunset. Some bars even serve Flaming B52s where the top layer is lit on fire before serving, but we don’t recommend trying this at home. 

Full recipe at TheS​pruceEats​.com

Classic Canadian Cocktails: The Caesar

Perhaps the most successful Canadian cocktail ever, the Caesar is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world with thousands of regional variations. However, The Caesar’s humble origins begin at the Calgary Inn in 1969, where restauranteur Walter Chell decided to celebrate the opening of their new eatery Marco’s with a new cocktail inspired by his boyhood in Italy. The original recipe was largely the same as its modern-day descendants – vodka mixed with tomato juice and clam broth with a dash of hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce for a more piquant taste than its close cousin, the Bloody Mary. Still served with a salted rim and a stalk of celery, The Caesar has oft been imitated, but never surpassed. 

Classic Canadian Cocktails: The Raymond Massey 

One of the most famous Canadian actors of the mid-20th century, Raymond Massey was a fixture on film, stage and television – though, ironically, he was best known for his portrayal of American president Abraham Lincoln, which he reprised in multiple films and plays, even receiving an Oscar nomination in 1940 for his role in Abe Lincoln in Illinois. A member of the influential Massey family, the Raymond Massey is a signature drink in his hometown of Toronto ON, a smooth blend of whiskey and ginger syrup shaken and served in a highball glass topped with champagne and garnished with a lemon peel. An elegant drink, for an elegant man. 

Full recipe at The​Whiskeype​dia​.com

Classic Canadian Cocktails: The Angry Canadian

They say never make a Canadian angry, but this sweet Canadian take on the classic Old Fashioned just may make you change your mind. Substituting sugar maple syrup, Canadian rye is a must for this classic Canadian cocktail invented by Calgarian Stee Johnston in 2013. Though, really, who drinks an Old Fashioned without Canadian whiskey anyway? 

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