With a landmass of 9.1 million square kilometers, Canada is the second-largest country in the world. There is a lot to explore here. With approximately 415,000 kilometers of paved road, bikers will find Canada an attractive destination for putting together motorcycle road trip ideas. What makes a motorcycle trip in Canada so special? The answer is simple — breathtaking scenery. From the rugged and grand, Rocky Mountains out west to the beautiful coastline and abundant roads in the east, Canada has several routes of interest for a traveling motorcyclist.

Pacific Rim Highway

Take in Diverse Landscape When Riding Along the Pacific Rim Highway

The Pacific Rim Highway, also known as Rt.4, is one of the best motorcycle routes in British Columbia. In addition to being one of the best routes for a motorcyclist to travel, it is also the longest east-west highway in the province, so be sure to make time. Riders looking to make this trip from Vancouver or other mainland areas will need to take a ferry to Vancouver Island to begin the journey. 

Once you arrive, get ready to be amazed by towering mountains, lakes, and even the ocean. This ride is recommended for those with more experience as there are many elevation changes, switchbacks, and hairpin turns that will require precision and the utmost attention. The trip will end in Tofino, a town on Vancouver Island best known for its arts scene, wildlife, surf culture, and laid-back attitude. This route is not a loop, so riders will need to return the same way they came in. Even so, we are quite certain you won’t mind taking a second look at the beautiful scenery anyways.

Icefields Parkway

Enjoy Breathtaking Scenery Along the Icefields Parkway

The Icefields Parkway, otherwise known as Highway 93, is one of the most scenic motorcycle routes in Canada. The parkway, built in 1940, stretches 232 kilometers from Lake Louise in Banff National Park to the town of Jasper in Jasper National Park.

Along the way, motorcyclists will get unparalleled views of ancient glaciers, roaring waterfalls, several bodies of water, including Bow Lake, and sweeping valleys. Keep an eye out for elk and black bears as well. This two-lane road will also present some exciting challenges, like hairpin corners, with the most notable being Big Bend,” which wraps in a circle below massive peaks. The speed limit on the Icefields Parkway varies between 50 and 90 km/​h. With this in mind, the ride can take close to three hours to complete without stopping. Though with so many magnificent views to take in, the trip will likely end up taking longer than that. The best time to take this trip is between June and September for optimal weather and road conditions, as well as prime wildlife viewing opportunities.


Take a Day Trip from Calgary & Ride the Kananaskis Trail

A trip from Calgary to the village of Longview through Kananaskis Country is approximately 315 kilometers round-trip. To get started, go west along the Trans Canada highway from Calgary before heading south on Highway 40. This route will take riders through Kananaskis before reaching Longview. 

Riders will be greeted by emerald green lakes, flowing rivers, and snow-capped mountain peaks. There is also an abundance of wildlife spotting opportunities throughout the journey. Besides its peaceful and scenic nature, this trip is also defined by its long sweeping corners that will provide just the right amount of adrenaline. Motorcyclists should keep in mind that the Highwood Pass, a mountain pass in Kananaskis Country, is closed for the winter months and usually re-opens in mid-June.

Lake Superior

Ride Along Lake Superior – North America’s Largest Great Lake

When looking for motorcycle routes in Ontario, look no further than riding along Lake Superior — the world’s largest freshwater lake. The entire route stretches an incredible 2,080 kilometers, with half of that being in the United States. Starting points for a northern shore journey in Ontario can occur in either Sault Ste. Mare or Thunder Bay. For the best views and overall experience, riders are encouraged to travel along the lake in clockwise navigation. 

Motorcyclists will encounter miles of mountains, forests, and beautiful shorelines during this ride. This trip will bring a rider as close to the shoreline as possible while remaining on the pavement. You might even want to take a break by relaxing on the sand or taking a dip into the water. As you progress through the cities of Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie, among others, riders can stop to enjoy restaurants, museums, and unique shopping experiences. Needless to say, this is not a trip that you are going to want to rush.

Cabot Trail

Follow Along Rugged Coastline, Old-Growth Forests & More when Riding the Cabot Trail

Are you looking for scenic motorcycle rides? There’s one that stands out, and it’s located along the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. From the village of Baddeck, drive north for 20 kilometers along the Trans Canada highway. The trail will start just after the turn-off for the Gaelic College. From here, enjoy a 300-kilometer loop around the northern tip of Cape Breton Island. 

Although the scenery is second to none, the route along the Cabot Trail is also ideal for adventure-seeking riders. Some spots take cliff-edge riding to new heights with plenty of curves along with incredible ocean vistas. Riders will also pass through old-growth forests and around rock walls carved out by glaciers many years ago. The elevation changes will allow for breathtaking ascents and exhilarating descents. To avoid chilly temperatures and snow squalls it is best to plan your ride along the Cabot Trail for July or August.

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