Riders know that there are few better ways to enjoy the open road and beautiful scenery than hopping on their motorcycles and cruising. On the second Saturday of every October, bikers celebrate National Motorcycle Day. A day to appreciate the thrills and history of this activity. National Motorcycle Day was created to remember John B. Dunlop, the inventor of the first practical pneumatic tire in October of 1887. On this day, riders are encouraged to support the industry, whether through purchasing new gear, merchandise, or accessories for their rides. Don’t forget to also take a celebratory ride on your favorite route or somewhere new!

Celebrating National Motorcycle Day in Canada is easy. With approximately 415,000 kilometers of paved road, there are several routes to choose from. Many boast breathtaking views, so be sure to pull over for some photos or even stop for a hike. 

Experience Vancouver Island by Travelling the Pacific Rim Highway to Tofino

Beginning in the small city of Port Alberni, B.C., and traveling along Highway 4, better known as the Pacific Rim Highway, makes for one of the best motorcycle trips in Canada. The longest east-west highway in the province will take you up and down several elevation changes and around some incredible hairpin turns, both of which will surely get your adrenaline going. Be prepared to witness snow-capped mountains, beautiful blue lakes, and even the Pacific Ocean along the way. This ride is suitable for those with more experience, and it is also important to remember that it is not a loop, so riders will have to leave the same way they came in. Though we’re pretty sure you won’t mind taking a second look at the beautiful scenery. 

Stop in Tofino

Although you are likely to make many stops along the Pacific Rim Highway, your destination will be Tofino, a small town on Vancouver Island known for its arts scene, surf culture, wildlife, and laid-back attitude. Be sure to stop at the famous Tacofino for lunch, walk along the sandy shores of Long Beach, or explore the ancient rainforest at Pacific Rim National Park. There’s plenty to see and do here, so park your bike and head out on foot for the day!

See the Great Sand Hills and More on a Motorcycle Ride Through the Prairies

If you’re looking to take your bike on a mini-road trip, then we’ve got just the route for you. Start your bike and ride out of either Regina or Saskatoon towards the Alberta border. As cityscape turns to flat yet beautiful prairie landscape, you’ll be reminded of just how vast the land in this country is. As you make your way towards the Great Sand Hills from Regina, you will be able to travel along a portion of the Trans-Canada Highway. This unique highway spans the entire length of all ten provinces, from coast to coast. The ride between Saskatoon or Regina and the Great Sand Hills is over three hours long without stopping. If you pack patience, the rest of the route is flat and easy to navigate for riders of all skill levels. 

Explore Diverse Landscape at the Great Sand Hills

You might be surprised to know that Saskatchewan is not a province exclusively of flatlands and prairies. Besides cityscape, this province is home to a wide range of landscapes. The Great Sand Hills is a perfect example of this. Located east of Regina, this 1,900 sq. km area is home to a desert-like ecosystem and sand dunes so tall that locals use them to toboggan in the summer months! They also make for unique photo opportunities. In addition to the sand dunes, visitors can explore native grasses, and tree clusters that include willow and aspen.

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Stop at or Ride Through one of Manitoba’s Provincial Parks

In Manitoba, Highway 1, more formally known as Provincial Trunk Highway 1, is a part of the Trans-Canada Highway. Not only does it link Manitoba’s large cities with one another, but it is also the main route into Ontario to the east and the only way to Western Canada via Saskatchewan to the West. It comes as no surprise that it is also a heavily trafficked highway. Riders traveling this route will need to be vigilant of other vehicles and transport trucks that pack the mainly four-lane roadway. Despite this, Highway 1 leads riders to some incredible stops, including Whiteshell Provincial Park, an approximate one hour and a half ride from Winnipeg. 

Experience one of Manitoba’s Provincial Parks

Believe it or not, Manitoba is home to 92 provincial parks. From open fields to mesmerizing sand dunes and so much more in-between. Spruce Woods, Pinawa Dam, and Grand Beach are notable options, a relatively short distance from Winnipeg. However, Whiteshell Provincial Park should be at the top of your list if you plan to travel Highway 1. It’s almost a straight shot ride from Winnipeg. Once you arrive, park your bike, and enjoy some of the over 2,729 sq. km of land. From lush forests to over 200 lakes, popular activities include fishing, hiking, and mountain biking. Outdoor enthusiasts will find it hard to spend less than an entire day here!

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Trade Your Motorcycle for a Bicycle at Les Vélorails in Thetford Mines 

The best motorcycle rides usually happen outside of city limits, where stoplights, traffic, and construction rarely plague the free-flowing nature of your ride. Montreal is a beautiful city, filled with history and sights to see. However, riding your motorcycle out of the downtown core can make for a more enjoyable experience. Prepare for an approximate two-and-a-half-hour ride from Montreal towards the Thetford Mines Mineralogy and Mining Museum, a place to learn more about the local mining industry. This journey requires travel along the Route Transcanadienne (the Trans-Canada Highway), a common theme in many rides across the country.

Pedal Les Vélorails in Thetford Mines

Mineralogy and Mining Museum, you will encounter Les Vélorails. Located northeast of Sherbrooke by Frontenac National Park, this rail biking experience is considered one of the best in Quebec. Park your motorcycle and hop on one of two bicycles connected to a platform. Once seated, pedal ten or even twenty kilometers along a now-defunct rail route across the Chaudière-Appalaches region. Along the way, you will encounter lush green fields and the beautiful coast of Lac Alymer. Not a bad change of pace if we say so ourselves.

Ride the Trans-Canada Highway to Must-See Maritime Views

On the east coast, the Trans-Canada Highway can make for takes visitors past some of the most scenic views the country has to offer. It can also make for one of the best motorcycle rides in Canada. Remember, a trip through the Maritimes will require more than just a few days, so plan your route accordingly. There are so many beautiful sights to stop at that choosing some for your itinerary can be overwhelming. We have a few suggestions for you to consider. 

Maritime Must-Sees

In Nova Scotia, a stop in the quiet town of Amherst is a must. Located on the border with New Brunswick, it is a great spot to catch the views and fierce sounds of the Bay of Fundy. Off the Trans-Canada Highway is the Cabot Trail, a side trip to consider for those looking to take in one of the most scenic road trips in Canada.

No Maritime road trip is complete without a stop at one of Prince Edward Island’s many lighthouses. They’re famous for it. How to choose one to visit? Consider the oldest lighthouse in all of PEI — the Point Prim Lighthouse. Built-in 1845, Point Prim has unique color schemes, making it a very photogenic piece to add to your trip photo scrapbook. 

Gros Morne National Park is a must-visit when in Newfoundland. Take in the steep-sided cliffs, waterway, and hiking trails. Visitors can easily spend days exploring this park, so be sure to pick your favorite activities beforehand. Traveling the Trans-Canada Highway to its easternmost point and the end of your journey will allow riders to experience east-coast city life in St. John’s. The capital and largest city in Newfoundland.

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