It’s that time of year again, that day children eagerly await all year long has finally arrived…I speak, of course, about National Bacon Day. Every December 30th we take a little bit of time out of our busy schedules to appreciate the important things in life — bacon, bacon and more bacon! 

Bacon is more than simply Canada’s unofficial national food (move over BeaverTails), it is our nation’s joy and passion. According to a 2018 survey from Canadian pork producer duBreton, not only do 98 per cent of Canadians rate bacon as one of their favourite foods, but 28 per cent like bacon more than their in-laws. What’s more, 54 per cent said it would $1 million to get them to swear off bacon for good, and a quarter said they wouldn’t give up the good stuff for any amount of money! 

To celebrate this incredible season of giving (bacon), here are some awesome recipes you can make at home. 

Bacon Snacks

Sweet Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies

What’s better than pigs in a blanket? Pigs in a blanket made out of other pigs. Double up the porktastic fun with this sweet and savoury recipe from Cynthia Kay’s Kitchen.

Paleo Bacon Cups 

While we all know bacon is part of any perfectly balanced diet, you can have a healthy, carb-free snack on hand any time with this paleodiet-friendly recipe from Vermont Salumi. Enjoy a Jurassic – or rather Paleozoic – sized helping. 

Sage and Bacon Garlic Bread 

The great thing about bacon is its versatility: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, there’s a bacon dish for any meal you can think of. Even better is when you can combine the smoky, intoxicating taste and scene of bacon with the gooey goodness of garlic bread and the sweet aroma of sage. Just have some mouthwash on hand afterwards. Check out this video recipe from Olivado. 

Bacon Entrees

Bacon-Wrapped Venison Backstrap Roast

Pigs and deer: natural foes, but you can bring them together to create the greatest chimera of a dish since the turducken was unleashed upon the world with this recipe from Grits and Gouda. Or alternatively double-up the pork factor with pork tenderloin instead, dealer’s choice. 

The Ultimate Everything Burger

The humble breakfast sandwich – no longer just for nursing a hangover after spending half the night aimlessly wandering the streets of your ho-hum college town wondering if people actually like you until you stumble upon a fast-food joint at first light. Take your personal breakfast sandwich game to the next level with the Ultimate Everything Burger from Kitchen Divas. 

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf 

Pork loin or venison not to your taste? Take your Sunday dinner to the next level with Whitney Bond’s Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf recipe: a feast truly fit for a carnivore! 

Bacon Deserts

Bacon Jam Cinnamon Rolls 

Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls? The waft of warm cinnamon, sugary icing, and hot, smoky bacon — What? That’s right, now you can combine the two titans of brunch into one ultimate afternoon delight with this recipe from Trade Street Jam Co. 

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies 

As we’ve already seen, the best baking is even better when baking with bacon. Just take a look a this new twist on a classic recipe from Coleman Natural Foods. We’d tell you to save some for Santa, but he doesn’t exist and so the point is moot. 

The Final (Bacon) Reckoning

12000 CALORIES Bacon and Cheese Whiz Sandwich

Be warned! This one is not for the faint of heart. Sure, you might say you love bacon, but do you love it enough to sacrifice everything for it? To damage your health and happiness to sate your endless hunger for fried pork products? If not, at least you can enjoy watching Halifax-based foodtuber nomnivortex take bacon consumption to all new heights of greatness. If you dare. 

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