Who says that Paris is the only City of Love in Europe? Romance can be found anywhere if you look hard enough, but in Vienna, seeking out heartwarming experiences certainly isn’t a difficult feat. The Austrian capital promises a memorable adventure all-year-round, but if you and your significant other are in the mood for a February getaway, the city has got you covered for all things Valentine’s. Whether you decide to get pampered at the spa with a couple’s massage, enjoy the end of the winter season with ice skating or simply finding spots around the city for some wining and dining, this is our trusty guide as to how to spend Valentine’s Day in Vienna. 

Ice Skating at Vienna’s Rathaus 

There are little things in life that are more romantic than holding hands with your loved one as you glide (or stumble) around the ice, wrapped up warm and laughing as you navigate the rink. Head to Vienna’s Rathaus – also known as the City Hall – and enjoy the 8,500-metre-square ice rink that draws in visitors every year from January 19th to March 5th, making it the perfect mid-February romantic activity. For those who don’t have their own skates, they are available to rent at the location along with helmets if you desire extra protection. The backdrop of Vienna City Hall is majestic – take your skate around sunset for truly enchanting views. 

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Candlelight Dinner in the Sky

We told you Vienna was romantic! Take to the skies this Valentine’s Day with a ride on Prater Amusement Park’s Ferris Wheel which transforms on February 14th into a slow-moving airborne restaurant. Instead of the standard Ferris pods, your dinner car comprises extra plush furniture and a beautifully decorated table with menus boasting both international and Viennese delights. Enjoy champagne and soft music on your 90-minute cruise in the sky, undoubtedly promising a Valentine’s Day to remember forever. Oh, and don’t forget, the 100-year-old wheel is in popular demand for the most romantic day of the year so advance bookings are necessary to avoid disappointment.

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Learn How to Viennese Waltz

Live out your ballroom dance dreams and learn the rhythm of the Austrian capital this Valentine’s Day. Dance is often said to be the language of love, and what better way to get to know your partner on a more intimate level than with learning the Viennese Waltz that epitomizes elegance and grace? The likes of Rueff Dancing School offer great classes for newbies, starting with the basics of the classic dance led by masters of the craft who are on hand to support and encourage. Smart casual attire is the uniform along with leather-soled shoes to get the most out of your Viennese Waltz.

Sample a sweet treat at Gerstner K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker

Even if you think your partner is sweet enough, there is no trip to Vienna complete without a visit to Gerstner K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker, home to where many people argue are the best cakes in the city. This magnificent café is just seconds away from Vienna State Opera House, spread across three floors with gorgeously decorated tea rooms and a menu that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth in every way. Viennese classics are a must-order; apple strudel and sachentorte, both of which are almost guaranteed to be the best you have ever tasted. But the menu doesn’t stop there – think cheesecakes, truffles, tarts, macarons and more, all washed down with an extensive drink selection… but champagne would be our best recommendation. 


An Old Town Carriage Ride

Just like in the movies… be immersed in a real-life romcom as you cosy up to your significant other in the back of a horse-drawn carriage through the cobbled streets of Vienna. While often branded as tourist traps, this alternative way of seeing the Old Town is very romantic. View the city through rose-coloured glasses, spot cosy cafés tucked away in corners and make a mental note to visit later, chat aimlessly away and reminisce on old times and discuss your futures… you’ll be in your very own romcom before you know it. 

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Listen to symphonies at Haus der Musik

Feel your love come alive with the sound of music at Haus de Musik, a 54,000-square-foot exhibition space inviting you into the world of all things harmonic in Vienna. Journey through time to experience how the very first instruments influenced the music of today through a range of multimedia presentations and interactive attractions – but the live concerts held here are truly the icing on the cake. Haus de Musik hosts a live music event on February 14th, ranging from mellow classical orchestras to uplifting up-and-coming rock bands. Trust us, it’s an evening to remember. 


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