If the Czech Republic’s charming capital – with its winding cobblestone streets, fairytale castles, gold-tipped towers and glorious Renaissance and Baroque architecture – isn’t on your bucket list, it’s because you have already been.

What’s more, Prague isn’t just pleasing on the eye: it’s also a ridiculously wallet-friendly European city. Here’s the low-down on how to enjoy Prague without spending a single Czech crown…

Charles Bridge Prague

Free Things To Do In Prague: Check Out Charles Bridge

One of the most beautiful and famous bridges in Prague, it doesn’t cost a thing to cross the 14th century Charles Bridge.

Built between 1357 and 1402, Karluv most’ (as the Czechs refer to it) was, for 460 years, the only way of crossing the Vltava river without taking to the water. Situated at the heart of the Czech capital, the bridge serves as a remnant of an older, unspoiled Europe.

Like most icons, the bridge can get packed during the day with buskers, caricaturists and tourists – so aim to stroll its length either early in the morning or late at night so as to be able to enjoy uninterrupted views of the city’s skyline.

Charles Bridge in Prague

Free Things To Do In Prague: Enjoy The Hourly Show At The Astronomical Clock

Six centuries later and Prague’s famous Astronomical Clock is still ticking…and every hour, on the hour, crowds gather beneath the Old Town Hall Tower to watch the Procession of the Twelve Apostles’ for free.

But wait… there’s more… Prague’s Astronomical Clock doesn’t just mark the minutes and hours: this 15th-century masterpiece also displays the position of the sun, moon and stars.

Legend has it that, upon completion, Master Hanuš – the maker of the clock – had his eyes burnt out by Prague city council so that he couldn’t create such an impressive clock for a rival.

Prague Clock

Free Things To Do In Prague: Admire The Largest Castle In The World

Perched high on a hill overlooking the Charles Bridge and Vltava River, Prague Castle – which comprises a collection of museums, galleries, churches and palaces dating from the ninth century – tops any tourist itinerary. 

Visitors can explore the rambling castle complex and grounds, the setting for a whole host of fabulous free events and concerts as well as the Changing of the Guards’ (every hour from 6 am-11 pm), for nothing.

Castle of Prague

Free Things To Do In Prague: Go To The Graffiti Wall Devoted To John Lennon

Love John Lennon? Then get yourself to the John Lennon wall. It started out like any old wall but, after the murder of the Beatles’ frontman in December 1980, his image was painted on the Kampa Island wall opposite the French Embassy – together with his song lyrics.

Both secret police and property owners have attempted to whitewash the wall over the years. Happily, however, the Lennon-inspired graffiti has always been reposted by tourists and visitors alike, and finally, the authorities have relented.

John Lennon Graffiti Wall Prague

Free Things To Do In Prague: Take A Jaunt To Josefov

Prague’s Jewish Quarter, also known as Josefov (named after the emperor Josef II who helped to ease living conditions for the Jewish), is a must for fans of Jewish history. 

Strolling the narrow streets, you’ll see six stunning synagogues, the Jewish Town Hall and old cemetery – all of which survived the holocaust owing to Hitler’s gruesome plan to preserve Josefov as an exotic museum of an extinct race.”

Josefov Prague

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