Eating in auvergne rhone alps

The South-Eastern region of Auvergne ticks all the boxes – stunning natural landscapes, plenty of outdoor pursuits and magnificently built heritage. But — for the food lover — it’s particularly special. 

Home to France’s gastronomical capital”, Lyon, the region is the birthplace of many world-famous French dishes. Lyon and its nearby resort towns of Chambéry and Méribel are ideal places to sample classic pork, cheese and lentil dishes for which the region is so well known. Whether you prefer hearty traditional meals or Michelin-starred contemporary twists, here are the dishes that you should not pass by.

Potato lyonnaise

Lyonnaise potatoes – Auvergne’s heartiest dish

Lyon is famous for innovative Michelin-starred restaurants that love to push the boundaries. But one of its most delicious dishes, Lyonnaise potatoes, is delightfully simple and doesn’t always come with a colossal price tag. This classic oven-baked dish of sautéed cheesy potatoes is the staple item on almost every Lyon menu.

Eating Quenelles

Fish Quenelles – Lyon’s classic dish

This creamed fish dish is a firm favourite in Lyon. Find classic versions in many of the city’s cosiest spots, or contemporary adaptations at some of its fine-dining restaurants. Usually shaped and poached, quenelles can be served in a variety of ways – in a traditional stew, experimental soups, or served with a lobster bisque.

Potée auvergnate

Potée Auvergnate – Auvergne’s beloved pork-in-a-pot

Much of Auvergne’s cuisine revolves around pork. Sausages, soups and stews are popular – and they’re particularly warming during the ski season. Potée Auvergnate is a hotpot dinner, featuring diced pork and winter vegetables. It’s gorgeously comforting with a glass of local Côtes d’Auvergne vintage red wine.


Lentilles du Puy – Auvergne’s most versatile dish

Auvergne loves its lentils – serving them alongside practically everything. However, they’re special enough to be enjoyed as a stand-alone meal. Grown on unique volcanic soil, Auvergne’s lentils have a distinctly rich flavour. They are so good they’re even protected by the state; only lentils grown around Le Puy-en-Velay are allowed to call themselves Puy lentils.


Bugnes – an Auvergne treat for Lent

This spring, be sure to try Bugnes — seasonal treats eaten in the approach to Lent. Give in to the sheer deliciousness of these little dough balls. They’re twisted, fried and doused in sugar – indulgent but definitely worth the calories. They’re usually eaten on their own but are often found jazzed-up on up-market dessert menus.


Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage – Auvergne’s cheesiest indulgence 

France is a nation rich in cheese production — and nowhere does it quite like Auvergne. The region boasts some super-pungent varieties, including the deliciously creamy Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage. This rich, indulgent cheese is made with milk from Abondance, Montbéliard and Villard cows, born and bred exclusively in the region. If you are particularly keen on cheese, visit during August; there’s a whole festival devoted to Bleu du Vercors-Sassenag, where guests can try all sorts of dishes based on it.

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