Situated close to the expansive parkland of the Black Forest, Freiburg is a wonderfully varied place to explore by oneself. In the town, neat cobblestone streets wind around attractive squares, and its long association with silver mining locks it in with the surrounding countryside. 

This compact Gothic university town in the south-west of Germany ticks all the boxes for solo-travelling – it’s safe, friendly and with plenty to discover and do. If you’re thinking of visiting Freiburg, here’s how to see it solo.

Experience café culture solo in Rathausplatz 

There’s no better place to blend in than Rathausplatz, Freiburg’s liveliest square. Relax in one of the tree-shaded cafés and listen to soothing sounds from the central fountain – or dawdle and people-watch for hours in this popular gathering point. 

Whether travelling alone by choice or circumstance, lone voyagers will feel in good company here. The square buzzes happily with students, visitors and everyday life. Particularly worth seeing is the 16th Century Neues Rathaus — a grand town hall that, rather handily, houses the Tourist Office.


Solo discovery in the Black Forest

The natural diversity in and around Freiburg makes for some splendid outdoor pursuits. 

Popular local activities include Black Forest tours and lakeside picnics in the 35-hectare Seepark.

However, for the really brave, this area presents ideal conditions for paragliding. Take a tandem flight for the experience of a lifetime and – for those that become hooked – there’s the option to learn solo flying. Either way, this is a beautiful place to free-fly – up, up and away over the beautiful Black Forest.

Black Forest

Gaze into the past on a museum stroll

A museum is often a solo traveller’s go-to past-time. It’s a soothing and indulgent activity that helps to tell a town’s story and illustrate its personality. Freiburg’s museums document its mining history, but also reveal it as something of an artistic hotspot. 

The Augustinermuseum displays a fine collection of art from the Middle Ages to the 19th Century. It also brings Modern Art into the mix and is housed in a restored monastery that’s a masterpiece in itself. 

The City and Mining Museum is one of Germany’s oldest – providing a comprehensive introduction to a trade that was Freiburg’s lifeline for centuries. It’s in a most striking gothic building which was originally built in the 15th Century to house cathedral clergy.


Dining solo in Freiburg

In the summer, Freiburg’s wonderful local farms morph into impromptu restaurants. Many Stühlinger Kirches” overlook the Black Forest and serve local delicacies such as Brägele (sautéed potatoes) and Flammkuchen (a thin, pizza-like dish topped with onions). Visiting a farm like this is a unique way to absorb Freiburg’s surroundings – and the local traders are super-friendly. Those that enter solo are likely to leave with friends. 

There are several such places scattered on the outskirts of Freiburg but Griestal Strausse is a hidden gem. This lesser-known vineyard is off the tourist trail and oozes authentic local charm. Imagine wood-fires burning on a summer’s evening, the subtle waft of ripe vines, and a view straight out over the mountains. It’s a wonder this place isn’t on every tourist’s agenda.

Dining Solo

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