Perched on cliffs overlooking the sweeping arc of the Bay of Naples, Sorrento with its historic sites, dramatic hikes and Instagram-worthy views, will stun even the most jaded of travellers.

Read on to discover why the Italian town of Sorrento should be on your summer bucket list.

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The lovely weather highlights the true beauty of the Italian town, Sorrento.

The weather

Nicknamed La Gentile’ because of its gentle climate and friendly locals, Sorrento enjoys one of the Mediterranean’s longest tourist seasons. 

The city basks in sunshine but because it is located by the coast, the heat is never oppressive owing to the tangy sea breeze.

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Limoncello is a must while in Sorrento!

Limoncello in Sorrento

How we love limoncello, the syrupy-sweet Italian liqueur that’s most famously associated with (and produced) in Sorrento.

Served very cold in a chilled aperitif glass and sipped after dinner as a digestif, classic limoncello is made from an infusion of Sorrento lemons and alcohol and is particularly refreshing on a hot summer’s night.

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Take in all the impressions and the great atmosphere!


The patron saint of Sorrento is Santa Anna and every summer, on 26 July, a procession is held in Sorrento’s Marina Grande: expect fireworks and dancing well into the wee small hours.

Meanwhile, music fans will want to make for the monastery of Saint Francisco which is alive with the sound of music, throughout the summer. Travellers to Sorrento can look forward to weekly classical and jazz concerts featuring up and coming stars, as well as established international artists.

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Do not miss the stunning interior of Duomo. It is a real gem.

Sightseeing in Sorrento

For a small town, Sorrento boasts a treasure trove of cultural riches. Classical sightseeing should start with a visit to the Duomo, whose dramatic interior has a painted ceiling, frescoes and a stunning altar. This spectacular cathedral was originally built in the 11th century and was redesigned in a Romanesque theme in the 15th century.

Another must-see is the marvellous Museum Correale, an 18th-century villa that houses a fabulous collection of rare artworks, porcelains, furniture and paintings.

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Take a break at the stunning small beaches of Sorrento.

Top up the tan

If you all want to do is fly and flop, Sorrento is home to small and secluded patches of beach where you can toast yourself on a sun-lounger.

Two to try to include Marina Piccola, near the harbour, and Marina Grande. Both are composed prevalently of volcanic sand and offer sun beds, sun umbrellas, showers and refreshments.

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The ruins of Pompeii is a sight beyond belief.

Day trips from Sorrento

Sorrento’s well-placed location means that the resorts of the Amalfi coast, the ruins of Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, one of Italy’s active volcanoes, and the magical island of Capri are all within easy day-tripping distance.

So whether you’re a culture vulture or more of a beach bunny, there’s something for everyone in Sorrento.

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The vibrant square of Piazza Tasso is an excellent place for people watching and enjoying a cup of real Italian coffee.

People watching in Piazza Tasso

Sorrento, particularly the always lively Piazza Tasso affords some serious people watching opportunities in a spectacular setting.

Locals and tourists alike love to hang out in the square’s charming cafes, restaurants and bars sipping a cappuccino, perusing the papers, posing, fighting, kissing and laughing from early morning until late into the night so dive in the action and discover just why the city got its name.

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