All year round, every month of the year, 247, Paris proves why it’s one of the greatest cities in the world. And while stellar experiences can be had no matter when you visit, there’s something quintessentially exclusive about Paris in springtime that makes you feel like you’ve been given a VIP access pass to the city when it’s at its most beautiful. Your love affair with Paris begins almost immediately after you arrive — the moment the fresh spring air hits you and the gentle sparkle of the sunshine illuminates your eyes — you’re hooked. 

Indulge in Paris’ café culture

While café culture in Paris is all-year-round, there’s truly nothing like people-watching with a coffee or a glass of wine in hand on a terrace in spring time. Sitting out in the sunshine makes the experience even more indulgent, so for the ultimate Parisian pastime, walk past the hundreds of cafés that line the main streets and head inside one of the city’s parks. Surrounded by nature and people going about leisurely activities, take a seat — al fresco, of course — order a coffee with a classic French pastry, enjoy and repeat to your hearts’ content. 

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Admire the spring blooms

You know what we’re talking about — those stock images of the Eiffel Tower in the distance and the forefront drenched in bright pink blooming flowers that make you fall in love with Paris at first sight. Well, trust us when we say that those pictures certainly aren’t edited — it’s the real deal, but nothing compares to admiring the spring blooms in person. A bright contrast from dreary winters, Paris in springtime offers a kaleidoscope of colours throughout the city, with beautiful manicured gardens illuminated under the gentle spark of the sunshine, gorgeous scenic parks that are scattered with vibrant daffodils and peonies, and not to mention bustling flower markets offering bouquets of every flower you can think of.

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Be amazed by the fountains at Versailles

When the word Versailles” is mentioned, what springs to mind? Whatever it is, it’s guaranteed to be something of grandeur and elegance. The magnificent gardens of Château de Versailles showcase gorgeous flowers, fascinating plants and mesmerising groves but any elaborate French garden isn’t fully complete without a water feature. In spring, fountains, mini-waterfalls and ponds all shimmer against the sparkle of the sunshine, the calm surface of the water reflecting against the clear skies for a serene experience that truly can’t be had anywhere else. 

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Celebrate the Easter period

Springtime and Easter go hand in hand, and in Paris, the two go together like bread and butter. Multiple celebrations happen over the long weekend throughout the city, and everyone is in a brighter, lighter mood. Easter services occur in some of Paris’ famous and chapels — if you want a traditional French service, head to Sacré Coeur Basilica, but there are also plenty of English-speaking ones to be enjoyed also. And what’s Easter without chocolate? While the French may be known for their pastries, their chocolatiers certainly know their stuff, molding beautiful cocoa creations that look almost good to eat. Jeff de Bruges and La Maison du Chocolat shops are the places to go for impressive window displays of ornately decorated Easter eggs and chocolate sculptures, or why not have a go at making your own chocolate with a workshop at Le Musée Gourmand du Chocolat?

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Enjoy picnics on the Seine Riverbank

Competing with London’s Thames and Germany’s Rhine, the Seine River is an iconic emblem of Paris that runs through the entire city and separates it between Left Bank and Right Bank. As soon as the weather becomes warmer, both sides of the water become awash with locals and tourists alike, enjoying picnics under shady trees that, as a rule of thumb, simply must include a classic French baguette, cheese, wine, and pastries of your choice for a sweet treat. Mid-afternoon on weekends is prime people-watching time, but try to head down early to scope out a good spot along the river — trust us, the good ones go in the blink of an eye. 

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Visit the iconic museums 

While Parisian spring brings with it some wonderful weather from March to May, there’s one thing that can’t be overlooked — April Showers. A rainy period that is common across all of Europe, even though you can get some good days in April, sometimes it may be necessary to find shelter indoors at one of Paris’ many iconic museums. The Louvre is the obvious first choice, and no trip to the French capital is complete without a visit to this glass pyramid landmark. Fascinating exhibitions in an elaborately-designed building will have you in a trance for hours on end. Top tip? Pre-book your tickets and head to the Louvre when it first opens to beat the crowds, and seek out the Mona Lisa first. The famous Da Vinci painting will quickly become a hotspot, with hundreds of tourists angling to get a snap of the smile, which, is a lot smaller than you think, so by beating the crowds, you’re guaranteed to get a good view without bobbing heads blocking your vision. Other must-see museums include Musée d’Orsay, Musée de l’Orangerie, and The Centre Pompidou.

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