Home to Grand Spectacles Since Before the Dawn of Man

There’s no denying the sheer majesty of southern Alberta. Framed by the fabled Canadian Rockies to the west and vast prairies and parklands to the east, the region’s unspoilt nature will be a central part of your experience no matter where you go. These lands have been exceptional for millions of years, and a hike or drive through Dinosaur Provincial Park will prove as much. Giant dinosaurs once ruled southern Alberta and have left behind a wealth of spectacular fossils now on display at museums like the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

While southern Alberta’s nature surely is a sight to behold, the enchanting towns are what will have you falling in love with the region again and again. Medicine Hat is not only the sunniest city in Canada but also home to a colourful tradition of pottery makers, art festivals and other-worldly rock formations that’ll have you reaching for your camera in a flash. Lethbridge is the largest city in the area and boasts plenty of notable attractions including wondrous feats of engineering, stunning Japanese gardens and much more! Head west to Banff if you’re drawn to immaculate ski slopes and gourmet eats. This lauded wintersports destination offers some of the best skiing anywhere in the world, in addition to a multitude of top-notch restaurants serving everything from savoury comfort foods to tasty, ethical dishes.

In short, southern Alberta is not only one of Canada’s prettiest destinations, but also one of its most versatile.

Things to do in Southern Alberta

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