An Outdoorsman’s Paradise

A visit to Northwestern Ontario will surely put a smile on your face no matter who you are…how could it not? Urbanites will feel right at home in bustling Thunder Bay with its hip, local art galleries and historical heritage parks. The food scene here is absolutely divine, with regional specialties including humungous, Finnish pancakes and delicious, chewy Persians – a sweet roll topped with fruity icing that’s become a local delicacy. Meanwhile, adventurers will cherish every minute spent in the untouched nature that makes up the backbone of Northwestern Ontario. Here, outdoor activities await you in spades, including some of the best canoe trips you’ll ever take. Between the giant Lake of the Woods and the smaller lakes scattered throughout the region, calm, clear waterways and idyllic islands are everywhere you go. These very waters are also home to legendary fishing spots that even the pickiest fisherman would regret passing up.

Once you’ve had your fill of fishing, rock climbing, kayaking and the countless other adventures to be had in Northwestern Ontario, exploring the nearby cities of Dryden and Kenora should be at the top of your list. No stop in Dryden would be complete without meeting the town’s mascot, an 18-feet tall moose by the name of Max who stands guard over the city. Mascots aside, you’ll have your pick of a great number of excellent hiking trails in the summer, and exhilarating snowmobile rides in winter, all close to town. Kenora is always abuzz with festivals, food markets and more, and will have you moving along to the beat of Northwestern Ontario in no time.

Things to do in Northwestern Ontario

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