The Northern Lights are one of the most spectacular wonders of the natural world. Hordes of experience seekers head to Scandinavia during the winter months to try their chances at witnessing this colourful celestial light show.

But did you know that Yorkshire in England is also a great place to see Aurelia Borealis? Here’s your guide on how to capture the Northern Lights in Yorkshire!

Northern Lights Yorkshire

What are the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights, also called Aurelia Borealis, are colourful waves of light caused by electrically charged particles from the sun entering the earth’s magnetic fields. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the arctic circle that those particles brush upon while in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the Antarctic that causes the lesser-known, Southern Lights!

Southern Lights

Where can you see the Northern Lights in Yorkshire?

The Northern Lights aren’t exclusive to any one country but can be seen in places with low light pollution, close to the Arctic Circle.

Head for Yorkshire to ditch the crowds and marvel at nature’s spectacular light show in a more private setting.

The lights are a natural phenomenon. They’re elusive, and hard to capture with the naked eye – which adds to their mysticism and makes seeing them even more special.

Certain conditions need to be met to make their appearance even more likely; low levels of light pollution, dark skies, clear nights free of clouds and unobstructed views over the Northern horizon. The North York Moors meet these all these requirements.

There are three designated Dark Sky Discovery Sites within the North York Moors National Park to visit: Sutton Bank, Danby and Dalby Forest — home to Dalby Observatory Site which boasts Milky Way Status.

Additionally, there is the Yorkshire Dales National Park, with four Dark Sky Discovery Sites, spread across Hawes and Malham National Park Centres, Buckden National Park Car Park and Tan Hill Inn, as we well as the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

And even if you don’t happen to catch the Northern Lights, stargazing at one of these three Yorkshire gems will treat you to epic swathes of stars and the glorious visions of the Milky Way.

Northern Lights in Yorkshire

When to visit Yorkshire to see the Northern Lights?

Seeing the Northern Lights is never guaranteed but as solar activity peaks in the winter months, your chances are greatest between September and March.

Also, every year in February, the North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales National Park and Nidderdale AONB team up for the Dark Skies Festival. Except for stargazing events, starlight runs and midnight walks run by astrological societies and starry-eyed experts!

See The Northern Lights Yorkshire

Did you know…

Green is the most common colour of the Northern Lights but the skies can luminate in purple, yellow, pink, blue and even red. In fact, just before the French Revolution, the Northern Lights caused crimson skies across England and Scotland which was taken as a sign of the upcoming fall of the French Crown.

Aside from the Northern Lights and stunning starry nights, Yorkshire is a picturesque beauty. Find out what to see and do in Yorkshire broad daylight with our travel guides.

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