Situated in the largest city in Saskatchewan, Nutrien Wonderhub is an oasis for creativity, curiosity and wonder for children and adults alike. Formerly known as the Children’s Discovery Museum Saskatoon, Wonderhub is the first and only one of its kind in the province, and one of the nine children’s museums in Canada. The three-floor hub is a palace of fun where kids can climb through a giant web-like structure, pretend they’re mining geologists and get hands-on with a variety of interactive installations. 

Whether your kids are into art, music, building, science, or all of the above, there’s plenty for them to do or see at the Nutrien Wonderhub. Want to start scoping out your trip to the Saskatoon children’s museum? Here are a few exhibits to put on your itinerary when you visit.

Toon Town Nutrien Wonderhub Saskatoon

The Main Gallery of Nutrien Wonderhub: Toon Town and North Woods

Situated in the Main Gallery of Nutrien Wonderhub, Toon Town is a large ever-changing townscape where kids run the show. With full control over the installations, children can use their imagination to create a one-of-a-kind town all for themselves with its own bank, school, construction site, hospital and even a food truck. Grab a coffee and light snack from the Kindle Cafe, and enjoy the beautiful display of light at the Northern Lights exhibit above Toon Town as your children immerse themselves into the Saskatoon children’s museum.

From there, venture into the North Woods and Gathering Place of Nutrien Wonderhub, an exhibit that closely resembles the Northern Saskatchewan communities. The cozy, tree-lined space features a storytelling area complete with its own fire pit, where children and families can come together to hear and share stories. Then head to the small lake in the North Woods, where children can put on their life jackets, hop into the boat and catch their own fish. You’ll quickly feel like you’ve been transported to Lake Athabasca or any of the other beautiful lakes in Saskatchewan.

Cosmic Commotion Nutrien Wonderhub Saskatoon

The North Gallery of Nutrien Wonderhub: Cosmic Commotion and Boxes O’ Fun

The North Gallery of Nutrien Wonderhub generates a substantial amount of buzz amongst kids and adults alike — and for good reason. This area of the Saskatoon children’s museum is home to the Cosmic Commotion, a giant climbing structure hand-crafted by internationally acclaimed artist Toshiko Horiuchi. Children can climb inside and through the various layers of the web-like surface or swing from the dangling pods. They’re sure to be occupied for a while with the colourful crocheted installation.

At the Boxes o’Fun exhibit, children can experiment with sound, light and movement inside stand-alone, walk-in boxes. Each box features something unique for them to experiment with, whether that’s recording a mini-movie, playing with textures or discovering the magic of black light. Even the little musician in your family will spend hours playing musical instruments or creating a symphony in the Sonic Box at Nutrien Wonderhub.

Little Bridges Nutrien Wonderhub Saskatoon

Other Exhibits at Nutrien Wonderhub

Have little kids? There’s a special play-zone for kids age 3 and under adjacent to Toon Town in the Nutrien Wonderhub. Inspired by the bridges of Saskatoon, Little Bridges is filled with slides to glide down, structures to climb through and model trains to conduct. It’s all about immersive experiences that encourage communication and sensory exploration. There’s something for every toddler at this variety-filled exhibit.

Older children, on the other hand, will enjoy exploring the lower level of the Nutrien Wonderhub. There, you’ll find the Discovery Mine, where children suit up in full construction gear and channel their inner mining geologist, engineer or mechanic. Take an elevator down the shaft and explore the open mine, operate a rotor borer machine or transfer ore using a conveyor belt.

Nutrien Wonderhub Adult Night Saskatoon

Events and Workshops at Nutrien Wonderhub

The Nutrien Wonderhub offers a variety of day camps and workshops for children that combine play with learning and encourage curiosity, collaboration and the development of motor skills. Spend a full day exploring how animals react when winter arrives or a couple of hours learning about how clouds are formed — either way, the interactive lessons provide the kids with a powerful learning experience that entertains as well as educates. 

But, the Wonderhub isn’t just for children — take a spin on the mine simulator, dress up in chic outfits and get back in touch with your childhood during Adult Night at the children’s museum. The theme changes every month, but some upcoming ones include a heist at the hub and a roaring 20s dance party. So, grab a glass of wine from the cash bar and enjoy an evening of music, immersive experiences and light bites.

Cosmic Commotion Pod Nutrien Wonderhub Saskatoon

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