With 1,100 kilometres of coastline, Prince Edward Island is filled with beaches, each with its own appeal. From the East Point to the West Cape, you’re guaranteed to stumble upon smooth warm sand, red sandstone cliffs, sweeping dunes, white-capped waves and iconic lighthouses.

With so many beaches to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down the list of top spots on the island. Whether you’re after spectacular views, a dip in the water or a unique landscape to explore, you can’t go wrong with these beautiful PEI beaches.

Cavendish Beach

Location: Cavendish

Locals and travellers alike flock to Cavendish Beach to take advantage of the miles of white-gold sand, gorgeous sand dunes and tranquil Gulf of St. Lawrence waters. Situated in the heart of Cavendish, within the Prince Edward Island National Park, the beach is as laid-back and enjoyable as any beach you’ll find in the province. Relax along the shoreline with the family or hike one of the many walking trails, and when you need a break from sunbathing or exploring the national park, follow in the footsteps of Anne of Green Gables with the iconic landmarks in Cavendish.

Basin Head Beach, aka Singing Sands Beach

Location: Souris

Dubbed one of the best beaches in Canada, Basin Head Beach spans kilometres long with the whitest sand on Prince Edward Island and the warmest waters you’ll find in the Great White North. Situated in Basin Head Provincial Park, the fine white-sand, filled with high levels of silica and quartz, is known to sing when feet run through it, hence the nickname Singing Sands.’ Split by a narrow channel towards the southern end, Basin Head is actually two beaches, meaning there’s plenty of room to relax on a beach towel and watch the rolling waves crash along the shoreline.

Brackley Beach

Location: Brackley

Lay your towel on the pristine white-sand before you take a dip in the crystal-blue waters of Brackley Beach. Situated within the Prince Edward Island National Park, only about 25-minutes from Charlottetown, the beach is a magnet for city dwellers of all generations, thanks to its majestic dunes, sandstone cliffs, multi-use trails and short (wheelchair accessible) boardwalk. Brackley Beach is also home to the only drive-in theatre in PEI, so you can take in a movie when the sun begins to set.

Thunder Cove Beach

Location: Darnley

A truly hidden local gem, Thunder Cove Beach is nestled just off-the-beaten-path in Darnley, about an hour away from Charlottetown. While sweeping sand dunes and fine white-sand beaches are Prince Edward Island coastline staples, Thunder Cove is beloved for it’s sandstone cliffs, columns (sea stacks) and unique cave formations. Sculpted by the wind and rolling waves, the landscape is a true testament to the incredible power of nature.

Special thanks to the staff of the Comfort Inn in Charlottetown, PEI for their suggestions.

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