Solo Traveller Budapest

Solo travelling can be daunting! Will it be lonely? Will it be awkward? Will it be fun without company? These are the questions which can often put you off the idea.

But with plenty of opportunities to meet new people, and a dramatic history you need to take in at your own pace to discover, Budapest is an ideal destination to explore by yourself. 

Here is how you should enjoy the city solo…

Market Hall Budapest

Eat at Central Market Hall in Budapest

If you’re not used to the idea, going to a fine restaurant alone might seem uncomfortable for first-time solo travellers but that doesn’t mean you should check off opportunities to indulge in Hungarian cuisine from your itinerary.

In fact, Budapest’s grand Great Market Hall – one of the capital’s biggest attractions – offers plenty of gorging in a much more communal setting. Prior to stocking up on traditional embroidery and paprika, head to the top floor of the indoor market for an array of food market stalls. 

From street snacks like Langos and Kürtőskalács, to heartier meals, such as goulas (a beef stew and dumplings) or Paprikás Csirke (paprika chicken), no foodie solo traveller will miss out with a trip here.

Holocaust memoial budapest

Visit the Holocaust Memorial in Budapest

It’s documented that over 500 thousand people were murdered in Budapest during the holocaust. The city has various related sites but one of the most important is the Holocaust Memorial Centre. 

The courtyard of the complex is adorned with the names of all known victims, and inside, various exhibitions details the timeline of events, the treatment of various civilian groups – including Jewish peoples and Romani gypsies – leading to the stunning synagogue. It’s an extremely sobering and personal experience.

Solo Spa

Don’t Miss Out on a Spa Experience in Budapest

The main draw of Budapest is its thermal baths. From historic baths dating the Roman and Ottoman empires, to opulent and palatial spas, don’t relegate this activity to group trip ideas!

If you’re more of an introvert, then the Gellert Thermal Baths are the ones for you. Located in a jaw-dropping, stained glass spa room, these baths, though popular, have a self-indulgent, me time’ ambience to them. There is a rentable private bath and plenty of massage treatments to enjoy

If you’re an extrovert, then the Szechenyi Spa Baths will definitely meet your mingle and make friends’ requirements. 

The stunning outdoor pools draw in crowds of all ages – and it’s even common to see locals challenging each other to pool-side chess. The thermal baths also host summer night Sparty’s” (that’s a spa-party).

Ruin Bar

Visit a Ruin Bar in Budapest

And if you’re an extrovert looking to make friends with a local, then make your way down in the evening to one of the cities Ruin Bars.

Old warehouses and derelict establishments have been given a new lease of life as a hipster-spin on traditional pubs. Szimpla Kert is arguably the most popular and hosts regular open-mic nights which have the place heaving with people, so pull up a stool, grab a pint and spark up a conversation!

Bus Tour

Take a Big Bus Tour in Budapest

Perfect for more introverted solo travellers, Big Bus Tours are a great way to hop on and off the city’s major landmarks, learn more about the history of Budapest, and easily navigate throughout the city! Plus, the ability to interchange between the open-top section and covered lower deck ensure that you have a fully weather-proof tour!

Cycle Budapesr

Cycle Your Way Around Budapest

Another idea of a transport-based tour in Budapest is a cycling tour! There are a plethora of companies tailoring tours for foodies, history lovers and those wanting to experience the best live music venues in Budapest.

Notable tours include Cooking with the Locals’ offered by Budabike, or Hi-Bike’s self-guided audio tours, for the truly independent solo traveller!

To learn more about what the locals do in Budapest or the best Ruin Bars to visit, check out our Budapest travel guides!

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