The Fraser Valley in British Columbia is ringed by imposing mountain peaks, but perhaps none are as well-known as Sumas Mountain, a 910m tall peak rising over the city of Abbotsford. A popular destination for outdoor excursions, this forested mountain is dotted with hiking trails and scenic lookouts. 

Sumas Mountain Regional Park spans 1,471 of unblemished wildlife from the Fraser River to Chadsey Lake, also known as the Lost Lake” for its remote location. Before venturing on a Sumas Mountain hike, here’s everything you need to know. 

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What to Bring with You to Sumas Mountain

Before going on a hiking or mountain biking excursion, it’s important to take proper safety precautions such as dressing appropriately and bringing plenty of food and water. 

While trails are marked, it’s beneficial to bring a compass and map with you on a hike or even a GPS if you possess one. It’s a good idea to bring a First Aid kit, utility knife, flashlight, and some means of starting a fire such as matches or tinder. Appropriate footwear is a must, and it’s encouraged to invest in a good pair of hiking boots. 

Mountain-biking can be a very dangerous hobby and it’s important to take every safety precaution possible, especially wearing a helmet and elbow and knee pads. It can be worth getting shoes specifically reinforced for mountain-biking, as it’s common to accidentally kick rocks or roots on the trail. 

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Sumas Mountain Hike Trails 

There are a wide variety of Sumas Mountain trails for both mountain biking, hiking and even ATVing, but the most popular route would certainly be the Chadsey Lake Trail that runs north-south from the Upper Sumas Parking lot up to the Centennial Trail which leads to the northern shore of Chadsey Lake. From there, you can continue following the Chadsey trail to the Eastern Lookout, offering a stunning view of the Fraser Valley from the eastern slopes of Sumas Mountain. 

You can also take the 10.9km trek to Taggart Peak, overlooking several acres of farmland. Though the summit of the peak is wooded, there are some great views along the Abby Grind. On the other end of the mountain, the Matsqui Lookout trail overlooks the Fraser River and the mountains on the northern shore. At 2.3km long, it’s a great short jaunt for a summertime hike with the family. 

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Sumas Mountain Trails for Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers of all levels can enjoy the Squid Line, a singletrack trail running across the southern slopes of Sumas Mountain. Beginner riders will enjoy the straightforward nature of the track while more experienced ones can pick up the pace and enjoy the flow. 

The Knob Gobbler is a great downhill trail located right at the summit of Sumas Mountain by the microwave tower. From there, riders descend fast and quickly through the forested landscape with a few rocky sections where experienced riders can get more technical. 

More advanced riders will enjoy taking on the Time Killer, a downhill Black Diamond trail featuring steep drops and great views across 2km of Sumas backcountry. The Old Saw and World Cup trails are connected to one another via the Devil’s Throat, a steep slope that descends 311ft in just three minutes. 

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Beyond Sumas Mountain

Whether you’re going on a casual hike to Chadsey Lake or tearing down the Squid Line, Sumas Mountain features a vast expanse of rugged, natural terrain to traverse. After exploring nature, you can relax in nearby Abbotsford, BC.

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