The pink and white blossoms of cherry trees lining streets and dotting parks indicate that spring has sprung. One of the best places to see an abundance of cherry blossoms is in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Canada’s West Coast. The city is home to more than 90,000 flowering trees, including over 40,000 cherry trees. There is a significant history to the growth of some of the cherry trees here. In the early 1930s, the mayors of Japanese cities, Kobe, and Yokohama, presented the Park Board with 500 Japanese cherry trees for planting at the Japanese cenotaph in Stanley Park. This gesture was to honor Canadians who served in WWI. It was also known as one of the first cherry tree plantings in the city, leading to more intense planting of these tree types by the 1950s and beyond. 

Taking in the vibrant colors of cherry blossoms in Vancouver is a magical experience for just about anyone. Whether in parks, gardens, or urban areas, there are many places to see this springtime attraction. Where to begin? We’ve put together a list of some of the most remarkable spots to see the pink and white blossoms this year.

Six Spots to See a Vancouver Cherry Blossom 

Ready to check out some of the city’s best cherry blossom viewing locations? Before we jump into our list, be sure to note a few tips: 

  • When do cherry blossoms bloom in Vancouver? The best time to catch cherry blossoms here is from the last week of March through the first two weeks of April. Believe it or not, some flowering fruit trees on Canada’s West Coast begin to bloom in early January!

  • If you visit on a windy day, you can experience pink snow.’ This occurs when some of the blossoming buds blow off the trees creating for some gorgeous direct and overhead views.

  • Many cherry blossom locations in and around Vancouver are located in residential streets. Be sure to remain respectful of personal property. 

  • Some spots are located in busy urban areas. Visitors should ensure they don’t block traffic when trying to get a better look or while taking photos.

See Blossoms with a Backdrop at David Lam Park

Established in 1995, David Lam Park is home to sports courts, playgrounds, and a large grassy area. It’s the perfect space for flying kites, resting up before your next adventure, or hosting outdoor events. The park is abundant in lush plantings, set on views of the nearby waterfront and Vancouver’s glassy skyline. To celebrate hosting the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, the City of Vancouver planted many cherry trees in the park and surrounding areas, including the Yaletown Seawall. Today, there are over 100 cherry trees to see in the park! One of the best viewing spots is by the on-site tennis and basketball courts, where the trees create a beautiful canopy leading to a staircase.

Stroll Through Stanley Park

Stanley Park, Vancouver’s first and largest urban park, is a beautiful green oasis set among a metro landscape. Visitors can walk along kilometers of trails, lie out on a beach, spot local wildlife, and learn from historical landmarks. The park is also home to many cherry trees, including the Shirotae, Akebono, and Shirofugen varieties. The best place to begin your journey is at the Japanese Canadian War Memorial, where pathways are canopy-covered with gorgeous blooming flowers. Another great spot to take in the Stanley Park Cherry Blossoms is at the Rose Garden.

Cherry Cultivar — Shirotae

These are large, white, double flowers that give off a delicious’ fragrance. The tree leaves are a vibrant, bright green with hairy tips on the marginal teeth.

The Perfect Photo op – Queen Elizabeth Park

Located on top of Little Mountain, Queen Elizbeth Park is a go-to place for those seeking out the perfect photo op. In the warmer months, it’s easy to spot those taking wedding, date, or prom pictures here. With its spectacular views of Vancouver and its mountain skyline, it’s no surprise why. The park is also a nature-lovers dream, with a garden and the Bloedel Floral Conservatory on-site. The park has many Akebono cherry trees, which provide a perfect backdrop for photos. It is also the site of many Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival events, including the Big Picnic and the Spring Lights Illumination, where lights are cast toward the blossoms — bringing out different shades of color for a unique viewing experience.

Cherry Cultivar — Akebono

A medium-sized cherry tree that grows nearly 25-feet tall. It has an upright-spreading crown, giving it a shape comparable to an umbrella. Its flowers begin as a shell-pink color, which eventually fades to white. 

Visit Various Spots Around UBC Campus

When you’re seeking a Vancouver cherry blossom experience, a university campus might not be the first place you think to visit. The Vancouver campus at the University of British Columbia (UBC) aims to change those thoughts, with nearly 20 varieties of cherry trees on-site. There are several locations around campus for students, staff, and visitors to see the cherry blossoms in April. One of the best spots is the Nitobe Memorial Garden, a traditional Japanese garden that allows visitors to be one with nature. Another great spot is the UBC Botanical Garden. Here, visitors can check out plants from around the globe, including a collection of cherry trees of the Sato Zakura variety (village cherries).

Check out Cherry Blossoms at Vancouver City Hall

What if we told you a popular spot to view cherry blossoms in the city was at a government building? Vancouver City Hall is a great spot to catch cherry blossoms. Visiting the north side of the building reveals the accolade cultivar, whose pink petals stand out against the grey walls of the building. A great photo op exists below the stairs leading to the front doors, where one can take a photo with the beautiful pink petals and the statue of George Vancouver in the background.

Cherry Cultivar – Accolade

A smaller cherry tree that is umbrella shaped. Its defining characteristics are fine, yet wide branches, and flowers that are translucent, producing an intense light pink color.

Relax and Enjoy the Sights of Granville Square Plaza

Located by Waterfront Station, this little plaza is in front of the Granville Square building. It’s a great place to relax while gazing out towards the Canada Place sails and the North Shore Mountains. In the spring, it’s hard to miss the vibrant pink colors of the surrounding cherry blossoms. Be sure to have your camera ready, as this makes for what many would consider an iconic Vancouver photo op.

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